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Why Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Flea and Tick populations are on the rise this year, causing concern for many people! Now this may not be a concern for you if you spend the majority of your time indoors and you do not have a pet that travels in and out of the house. However, if you enjoy spending time outdoors or you have a furry friend that goes in and out you know the struggle that accompanies the presence of these pests.

Not only do fleas and ticks cause risks for furry loved ones but they can cause havoc for humans as well. You can apply treatments to your pets to prevent fleas and ticks from getting on them but there are not many options for humans. There are a number of medical problems that fleas and ticks can cause more than just the irritating itchy bites. They are not picky! They cannot live without a blood meal. Fleas and ticks will get the meal they need from human or animal sources. The best plan of action for fleas and ticks is to treat the outdoor area that you frequent the most. All-Natural Mosquito Barrier is a great product to use for chasing these pests from your outdoor areas.

What is Mosquito Barrier?

If you are not familiar with Mosquito Barrier let me introduce you. It is simply super concentrated garlic juice. Mosquito Barrier is effective against most soft bodied pests on contact. It has been found to be very efficient in treating areas from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, gnats, and more. The garlic in this natural flea and tick repellent will get into their systems killing them or it will make life so miserable for them that they leave the area altogether. Barrier is available in gallons and quarts. A quart will cover up to 1.25 acres and a gallon will cover up to 5 acres. Each treatment should remain effective for up to a month depending on how much rain you get during that month.

How to Use

To use mosquito barrier to keep fleas and ticks away, mix 6 oz. of barrier for every 2 gallons of water. When applying, you need to evenly spray all grass, shrubs, under any porches, sandy areas, and on any wood piles. In fact, it’s best to take your present wood pile apart and re-stack it in an area that has been sprayed. Be sure to clean the old area where the wood pile was previously stacked. For continued protection you will want to repeat the spraying in 5 days after the initial application. Throughout flea season, usually July-September, apply the mixture as described above every three to four weeks.

Other Ways to Use for Prevention

Other ways that barrier has been used is to repel fleas and ticks from horses and cows using a 5% solution (6 ounces of our Mosquito Barrier into 1 gallon of water). Livestock owners had great success keeping the solution premixed and on hand in a pressure sprayer and applying it to their animals as needed. Hikers and hunters have also mixed barrier 50/50 in a spray bottle and apply it to their feet ankles and legs to keep fleas and ticks off when venturing in the woods. Keep in mind even with the barrier spray we I still recommend tucking your pants into your socks if you plan on spending time in heavy wooded areas.

Don’t let the worry of fleas and ticks infesting the outdoor areas that you and your pets frequent stop you from enjoying them as often as you want! Treat them with Mosquito Barrier!