When temperatures start to cool on a nice summer evening a traditional wood fires are a great past time, but one drawback is too much smoke. No matter where you sit the smoke always seems to follow you, chasing you from one spot to another. That smoke also makes you and your clothing smell like you rolled in the campfire. Do not let the annoyance of smoke keep you from enjoying the beautiful flames or relaxing atmosphere that a wood fire offers.

Cut down the amount of smoke that is produced from your wood fire with a Smoke-Less Fire Pit. There are more and more fire pit options becoming available that produce beautiful fires with less smoke. Here are a few Smoke-Less Fire Pits for you to consider…

Pellet Fire Pit

A pellet fire pit is an inexpensive option if you are in the market for a smoke-less fire pit. They are light weight and easily transported so you can take it with you on the go. A pellet fire pit is going to put off an adequate amount of heat and a beautiful dancing flame that is just as enjoyable as a traditional wood fire. The pellet fire pit is designed with a mesh bottom that allows air to be drawn from the bottom of the fire creating a hotter burn and less smoke. These fire pits are also great if you live in an apartment/condo or just have a limited amount of outdoor entertaining space but would still like enjoy the ambiance of a fire.

Wood Burning Smoke-Less Fire Pits

Uniflame has created a new line of fire pits that feature a New AirFlow technology. This patent pending technology features a bottom vent that draws the air into the unit, and then the fire draws the air up increasing combustion, the increased air flow then fans the flames providing a longer burn time and hotter fire. The longer, hotter fire reduces the need for you to tend the fire as often as most fire pits allowing you to socialize with family and friends more. The Air Flow technology also eliminates the need to purchase a separate grate for the firewood to sit on, which helps to make cleaning the fire pit even easier and less time consuming. The design of these attractive fire bowls and the way
the air naturally flows through them cut down on
the amount of smoke that each fire lets off.

Ethanol Table Top Fire Pits

Do you want to add a fire pit to your outdoor space but you do not want anything too big? We have some great Ethanol Table Top Fire Pits that will allow you to add that natural appeal of an open flame to your outdoor space while keeping the smoke and maintenance to a minimum. Ethanol fire pits or fireplaces have a cleaner and modern design to them. They will fit with most outdoor settings and are a perfect fit if you are searching for a small Smoke-Less Fire Pit. If you want a sturdier ethanol fire feature take a look at the wall mount models. They are beautiful and you do not have to worry about them getting knocked over on the table.

With these Smoke-Less Fire Pit options there is no reason to be chased around by campfire smoke. Stop running around the fire and take a seat in your favorite spot to relax by a wonderful fire. Not only will you be cutting down the amount of smoke so you can enjoy the fire longer but you will also be helping to cut down on pollution. Every campfire you have contributes to the pollution in our air with the smoke that it lets of each time.

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