Now that this year’s crazy warm weather is on its way out and winter is finally starting to move in, many homeowners are starting to fire up their wood stoves and fireplaces to keep warm. With that brings the potential for chimney fires to occur.

Many have already prepped for the coming cold weather months ago by cleaning their chimneys and checking for blockages. But with the abnormally warm weather that nice clean chimney may not have been needed. So to be safe you will want to check for blockages one last time before lighting a fire! If you don’t the repercussions could be devastating.

The Danger of Chimney Fires

On an average chimney fires cause many deaths and millions in property damage each year in the US alone. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2012 alone there were an estimated 21,200 residential fires caused from the chimney resulting in 20 deaths and $93,600,000 in structural property loss.

The key is to keep the chimney free of creosote build-up and maintained on a regular basis. Creosote is an extremely flammable substance caused by unburned gases that condense on the inside of the chimney. Creosote can be black or brown in color. The creosote buildup can be crusty or flakey, dripping or sticky, or it can be shiny and hardened.

All forms of creosote can be present in one flue system. No matter the form, creosote is highly combustible! When the quantity of creosote becomes sufficient and the flue temperature is high enough….and then POOF chimney fires can occur.

Chimney fires can burn explosively! The noise from a chimney fire is loud and dramatic enough that your neighbors or passersby can hear it. When a chimney fire is starting you could hear a low rumbling sound that sounds like a freight train coming through your house. The whole experience can be terrifying!!

Signs of a chimney fire to watch for…

  • Loud cracking and popping noises
  • Dense smoke leaking from connections or joints
  • An intense, hot smell

Stop Chimney Fires

Chimfex Fire Suppressants will put a stop to chimney fires in just a matter of seconds. Having 2-3 of these fire suppressants on hand will keep you prepared for the unthinkable for the entire season and then some.

Chimfex does not take place of calling the fire department but it is a great 1st line of defense for during the time that it takes to call the fire department and have them arrive. The use of Chimfex could be the difference between losing your entire home and just minimal damages.

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Video Highlights: 0:14 Estimated chimney fires in the US annually 0:34 Introducing Chimfex Fire Suppressant 0:57 The way it works 1:07 Extensively tested 1:18 Proving the effectiveness 2:01 To activate 2:37 For a wood stove chimney fire 2:57 For use with a Traditional Fireplace with no doors