Choosing the perfect gift for dad can be a difficult task. If your dad is anything like mine, he works hard putting his family long before anything he may want. He does not ask for much more than to be surrounded by his children and loved ones on Father’s Day! Take the time this year to show the man who has helped shape you into the person you are now, just how fantastic you think he really is.

Forget about the plain ol’ boring ties, golf balls, or t-shirts that he gets every year. He probably already has an overabundance of all of these! Instead get dad an extraordinary gift for this Father’s Day! Find a gift that he is sure to love and get a lot of use out of as well. Don’t get dad another gift that will just be sitting in a corner or a drawer collecting dust until he has a chance to use it.

With these great Father’s Day gift ideas you will take dad by surprise and make him feel oh so loved and appreciated! We have something for all sorts of dads from the outdoor enthusiast to the Grill Master!

The Outdoorsman

Give dad a gift that will protect him from the threat of mosquitoes while he is enjoying the outdoors. ThermaCell Personal Mosquito Repellent Appliances are great for any dad that likes hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or any activity that allows him to be outdoors. Being that they are powered by butane, he can take these appliances anywhere! There are 6 available colors to choose from: Camouflage, Woodland Camo, Pink Camo, Grey, Brown, and the original Olive Green.

The Wood Tick

Does your dad cut and split his own firewood? Don’t let your dad exhaust himself swinging a heavy maul over and over to split firewood. Make his life a whole lot easier with the gift of a log splitter. Choose the perfect log splitter for dad by determining what size logs he normally splits and will he prefer a gas or an electric splitter. If he cuts large logs or large amounts of firewood, take a look at the log splitters from Dirty Hand Tools. The WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter is small but mighty. Dad is sure to get the job done quickly and easily with this convenient Log Splitter!

The Gatherer

Whether it be carrying firewood or gathering other supplies, give dad a gift that will allow him to get the job done with his hands free and no back ache. Firewood carriers and totes will make moving firewood from one place to another much easier. There are many different styles to choose from.A handled carrier will allow your dad to move firewood, awkward bundles of stick or twigs, and much more with ease. A tote style carrier is great for moving fire wood as well as fruits, tools, or whatever else dad may need to gather. Then there is the Back Saver Style of carrier that will distribute the weight of the load more evenly so your dad can carry anything from sticks in the yard to bags of pet food and keep one hand free for opening doors or picking up more.

The Snoozer

Dads do enjoy their naps! So why not give him a comfy hammock that he can enjoy a good afternoon nap outdoors? You could even give him a great hammock chair so he has a quiet place that he can read a good book. They’re perfect for those lazy summer days, not to mention those cool summer nights as he drifts off watching the stars and enjoying the breeze. Dad has no place to hang a hammock? No worries, there are tripods that can be purchased so your dad can enjoy his hammock chair anywhere he would like. Take it to ball games, camping, even out into the woods if he wants.

The Collector of “Things”

Are your dad’s collections overtaking the house or garage? A storage shed could be the right gift for him then! Whether he is a collector of tools, yard equipment, ATV’s, bicycles or more; there is a storage shed perfect for him! Storage sheds from Shelter Logic or King Canopy would be perfect for storing tools, ATVs, motorcycles, vehicles and more. There are so many sizes to choose from no matter what dad needs to store we have one that it will fit in. There are also wooden storage shed kits from Handy Homes that will work for storage or could even be converted into a private workshop for dad!

The Fire Bug

There is nothing like inviting friends and family over to gather around a beautiful dancing flame! Everyone likes to relax by a nice fire during a summer evening, especially dads! Get dad a fire pit to add to his outdoor entertaining area so he can sit out there in the evening and just let the day melt away. Wood burning fire pits come in many different designs. Usually they are constructed of copper or stainless steel and you can find them with creative cutouts on the sides. Another option is a gas fire pit, these fire pits are great if your dad enjoys the fire but does not want to deal with the hassle of starting a wood fire. Gas Fire pits are also great for small decks or patios because they do not get as hot as a wood fire.

The Rustic Chef

This gift idea is great for the dad that loves going camping or just enjoys cooking outdoors over an open fire! Well now cooking over an open fire has never been easier! The Grizzly Spit Rotisserie allows him to cook chickens, roasts or anything your stomach desires. It will hold up to 20 pounds. Dad can take this rotisserie with him while camping, hunting, fishing, boating or even in the backyard. This rotisserie can be used with a barbeque grill, open fire pit or over a bed of charcoal.

The Fry Daddy

Is your dad a fisherman that loves to fry up his catch? Turkey Fryers are a great gift for the dad who loves to have a fish fry or just likes to fry up some tasting food! Cook large amount of homemade French fries or even a juicy turkey for Thanksgiving dinner! The possibilities are endless with a fryer like these. There are even double burner stands so your dad can cook up two batches at the same time. You would probably get to enjoy this gift just as much as your dad with all of the great food that he could be making for everyone!

The Grill Sergeant

Has your dad been dabbling with expanding his expertise in grilling? Or switching from the ease of a gas grill to a little bit more difficult charcoal grill? Either way giving your dad a brand new grill would tickle his fancy for sure! Choose from many different styles of grills like portable grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, or go as far as helping him design his very own outdoor kitchen with all of the conveniences of the indoor kitchen. Make your dad the envy of all his friends and family with a beautiful new grill.

The Grill Master

Ok, so your dad has the mac daddy of all grills and is a master a cooking on the grill now you just do not know what to get for him? Accessorize his pride and joy of course! There are many different accessories that you can give your dad as a gift for his grill. He has a charcoal grill? No problem, buy him a charcoal starter so he can shorten the time waiting on coals to get to the optimum state. What griller couldn’t use more utensils for the grill, especially a good quality set! Grilling rubs are always a hit too! Let dad create some great dinners with new flavors.