Getting a jump on mosquito control this season will make all the difference in the world when it comes to your outdoor experience once the temperatures are consistently warm. The placement of mosquito traps has been proven to be an effective 1st step in mosquito control.

Mosquito traps effectively interrupt the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes. Therefore when there is no breeding there will be no reproducing! Compare the different mosquito traps to make the right purchase for you and your property.

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Don’t Wait, Get Your Traps out Early

Mosquitoes are going to start showing their presence once outdoor temperatures are consistently 40 degrees and higher throughout the evening and night hours. Don’t wait until you see a mosquito to get your trap out and ready to go. You should get your trap ready to go making sure that you have the propane fuel filled (if required) and that you have plenty of lure or attractant on hand. Best practice is to get your mosquito trap operational as early as possible. As soon as the temps start rising above 40 degrees place the mosquito trap in the desired area and have it ready to go. To receive the most effective results you will want to interrupt the mosquito’s life cycle right from the start of the season!

The Best Mosquito Trap Placement

Choosing the right spot to place the mosquito traps on your property is also going to play a role in your satisfaction. You will want to choose a location that is away from the outdoor area that will be frequented the most. This is because the trap will draw the mosquitoes to it. So placing the mosquito trap to the outer edge of your property will draw the mosquitoes away from the desired area.

For optimal placement choose a location that is at least 25’ away from any area that you want to minimize the mosquito population. Most mosquito species will avoid direct sunlight so placement should be in a shaded area among bushes, shrubs, or any wetlands.

When placing mosquito traps on your property it is all about trial and error so if you are not seeing the expected results you may need to relocate the trap to another area. Patience is key as it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to fully interrupt the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes. This is why we highly recommend placing your mosquito traps as early in the season as possible.

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Using Lures and Attractants

Using the correct lure or attractant for the species of mosquitoes that populate your area is important. The type of lure or attractant that will be needed will depend on the type of mosquitoes that are populating your area. If you notice that the mosquitoes are more frequent in the evening hours then Octenol will be the appropriate choice. However, the Lurex attractant will be needed if you have Asian Tiger mosquitoes. These mosquitoes will be present all day long no matter how hot or sunny it is.

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