The easy decision for a homeowner is when they decide that they are going to start shopping for a wood stove to help lower their home’s heating cost. But with that decision comes other decisions that are not as simple and tend to get over looked until it is time to install the wood stove. Making a plan and being prepared for the wood stove install is the best way to go so that way you are not being surprised by any expenses that are to arise.

Today we are going to cover hat should be included when planning for a wood stove installation.

Choose the Right Size Stove to Install

Of course the first thing that needs to be decided is what wood stove will be purchased. Choosing the right size stove for the home is extremely important. If the stove is too large for the home it will heat everyone right out of the house and it will be a waste of firewood because the heat will not be used efficiently. If the stove is too small it will defeat the purpose of the wood stove install. A stove that is undersized is going to leave parts of the home unheated and cold.

To pick the stove that is going to perfect size for efficiently heating a home the homeowner should pay close attention to the BTU rating and also the square foot area that it is capable of heating. However, keep in mind that these ratings are obtained while being burned under perfect circumstances and burning firewood that is completely seasoned. All that this means is that the wood stove’s heat output is going to be close to what it is rated for but may not meet them exactly.

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Location for the Install

Having the wood stove centrally located in a home is the ideal location but this is not always possible especially when you have an open floor plan. Many homeowners choose to install their wood stoves in a living room or family room as these rooms are the most frequently used rooms and they tend to be the room that the home is centered around. But there is really no right or wrong place to install a wood it just depends on where the heat is needed the most and the location that works for each individual home.

One other thing to consider is how you will bring firewood into the wood stove. Nobody likes to track up the entire house when hauling in their firewood. So choosing a location in a room that is more convenient to bring wood in through would be helpful.

Clearance to combustibles

Once the wood stove and the location is picked out now it is time to guarantee that the wood stove will work in that location. Check the owner’s manual for the minimum clearances to combustibles. Then make sure that the stove can be placed in the location while also meeting all of the minimum clearances.

Placement of the stove will also play a role in deciding how the chimney will be exhausted. There are most common way to exhaust a wood stove chimney and they are through the wall, straight chimney through the roof, or exhausting through an existing masonry chimney. Knowing how the chimney will need to be exhausted will make it easier to have a better idea of cost.

I hope this information has helped you to make your own plans for installing a wood stove in your home. If you still have questions please give our customer service department a call at 1-866-667-8454. Here at we are always happy to help.

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