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No More Unsightly Downspouts

Tired of hearing loud sound of water draining through your downspout? Depending on the amount of rain coming down it can get pretty loud. Not to mention downspouts do not add much to your home in the means of curb appeal! Rain Chains are becoming more and more popular among homeowners as a solution to unsightly downspouts. Not only will a rain chain look more appealing than an everyday downspout but it will also eliminate the loud water rushing sounds.

History of Rain Chains

Installing rain chains to direct water is not a new concept. They have been a part of Japanese cultures for hundreds of years using them to enhance the sound of water running out of a gutter. Japanese temples incorporate large ornate rain chains into their design. Many other countries and cultures have added the use of rain chains as a convenience to their landscapes. In South America it is easier to direct water with chains than it is to obtain downspout materials.

Common Styles

The use of rain chains is a wonderful addition to any landscape. They are an element of beauty and a stylish way to direct water. Rain chains can be found in many different styles to suit most outdoor decors. There are four common styles when it comes to rain chains: small single link chains, double link chains, Zen chains, and cup designed rain chains.

Small Single Link Rain Chains – These are the closest to the originating Japanese design. They do tend to splash more, so you may want to consider how close the rain chain will be to a door, windows, or walkways. You can find single link chains in many forms from plain to more fancy combinations of shapes and sizes. This type of chain is the best option when clean lines are preferred.

Double Link Rain Chains – These chains will consist of multiple size links and at least 2 links at each connection point. Double link chains can be of simple design or more intricate patterns. The basic double links go with virtually any style home.

Zen Loops – This type is a modern designed loop chain with vertical bars within each loop to help water flow downward.

Cup Designed Rain Chains – If your concern is more precise water direct the cup style is the best for this. With these rain chains the water will be funneled from top to bottom, flowing through holes in the bottom of each cup. The cup style minimizes the water splashing even during heavy rain falls. You can place these rain chains anywhere in your landscape.

Each style of rain chain is most commonly constructed of copper. The copper material will develop a beautiful aged patina look over time. Rain Chains with the patina finish can be purchased if you desire that appearance at installation.

Easy Installation

Installing rain chains is pretty simple. You will place a Rain Chain Gutter Clip in the hole where the downspout was, then just hang the rain chain from the S hook on the gutter clip. When the downspout hole is larger than the rain chain an installation kit will be needed to minimize the hole and direct the water down the chain.

Anchoring Rain Chains

You can leave the rain chains unanchored but they will blow around in high winds which usually occur during heavy rainfall. A Rain Chain Basin can be used for anchoring your rain chain. The basins are a copper metal bowl that has a ring in the middle for attaching the rain chain. One other option is to create an anchoring spot out of paver stones, rocks, or even wood slab pieces. Redwood and Cedars make very nice slabs for under your rain chain. You could even add a few pebbles to dress it up some. Just keep in mind if you use pebbles or small stones moss will grow on them if you do not clean them every so often.

Adding a rain chain to your gutters or even to a garden area will add beauty and tranquility to your landscape. If you have any further questions or alternative ways to use rain chains please feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Department for help at 1-866-667-8454.