As we get closer to the end of winter, plans of spring cleaning start to happen. Among all the chores that need done, don't forget to add chimney cleaning to your list. After a long winter of use, chimneys need to have soot, ash, and creosote removed. Cleaning your chimney during the spring season will guarantee that your chimney will be ready for winter.

Cleaning the chimney can save a homeowner costly repairs later. Many homeowners don't clean their chimney until the fall months. If there is major damage to the chimney, then the homeowner will have to wait to use the fireplace until the repairs have been made. Here are some additional benefits to spring cleaning your chimney:

  • Creosote is deposited in your fireplace when it is being used. Creosote will build up in the liner of the chimney. The creosote can product a sour odor that be detected in your home. Not exactly the fresh, clean smell you want in the spring.

  • Water can enter the chimney throughout the winter months. Ice, snow, and rain creates a moisture that can cause corrosion in the liner of the chimney, which can lead to damage. Water may also find its way into the masonry of your chimney which can then freeze and expand, creating gradually larger and larger holes and cracks. This freeze thaw process is extremely harmful to bricks and can cause them to crack, spall, and fall way from the chimney structure. A spring cleaning can identify any damages.

  • Animals may have damaged your chimney structure without your knowledge. Many animals view chimneys as a warm place to hide from winter weather, and will attempt to “break in” by clawing, scratching, and biting chimney caps or flashing. Over time, this kind of damage can allow water into your chimney system, potentially damaging the flue lining, damper, interior walls and ceilings, and other parts of your fireplace and home.

  • Many homeowners may only think of chimney maintenance in autumn, when cold weather is around the corner. Scheduling a cleaning in the spring would actually be easier and more convenient for you, since chimney sweeps are often overbooked during the fall. When having a professional chimney sweep done in the spring, the technician will more than likely have more time to answer all of your questions and provide excellent cleaning service as well as customer service.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that an annual cleaning of your chimney, fireplace, and vents is very important, for safety reasons. Be sure to get your chimney cleaned annually, whether in springtime, summer, or fall.

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