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Choosing the Right Size Chimney Brush to Clean Your Flue

There are many types and sizes of chimneys so before you choose a chimney brush you will need to measure the inner dimensions of the chimney that you are going to be cleaning. When measuring the dimensions of your chimney, you will need to get up on your roof. Make »

Choosing The Right Size Chimney Brush To Clean Your Flue

Video Highlights: 0:17 Measure Inner Dimensions of Chimney 0:26 Metal Class A Chimney Pipe 0:44 Masonry Chimney 1:04 Chimney Brush for an Oval Flue 1:17 Different Types of Chimney Brushes 1:28 Wire Chimney Brush 1:44 Flat Wire Chimney Brush 2:11 Poly Bristle »