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New "Less Than Perfect" Discounts to Start Off 2020

Northline Express has a whole section dedicated to lightly used items offered at amazing discounts. Each Less Than Perfect item has a full description of the previous use and current functionality, so you know exactly what you're purchasing. »

Fireplace Accessory Preparation for the Burning Season

As the summer slips away and the nights get cooler, anyone with a fireplace will likely be excited to light the first fire of the season, and enjoy the warmth and coziness that comes with it. If you haven’t given the fireplace’s maintenance a thought since last winter, »

Choosing The Right Fireplace Screen For Your Fireplace

Video Highlights: 0:08 Adding a fireplace screen 0:26 Fireplace screen styles offered 0:38 Single Panel Fireplace Screens 0:56 Bowed Fireplace Screens 1:15 Fireplace Screens with Doors 1:29 Folding Fireplace Screens 1:55 Child Guard Screens 2:03 HearthGate 2:24 Spark Guards 2:43 »