Gel Fuel

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5 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

Northline Express wants to show you 5 ways to save on your heating bill this winter and for many winters to come. Wood Stoves are a great investment that will provide warmth for your family, while dramatically reducing home heating costs. When purchasing a new wood stove, always keep in »

Product Comparison: Jensen's Real Flame and Sunjel Gel Fuel

Do you enjoy the ambiance that a fire burning in a fireplace offers but hate the mess and hassle that it brings? You are in luck we have an alternative fuel source for you. Gel Fuel is an alternative that will give you the look of a real fire with »

Fill your Backyard with Eco-Friendly Products

Download the PDF Being conscious of the environment has become a greater concern for homeowner’s. Minimizing your foot print on the environment can start right in your own backyard. More and more homeowner’s are to creating landscapes that are not only beautiful and comfortable but are eco-friendly as »

Gel Fuel Comparison: Real Flame Vs. SunJel

Video Highlights: 0:17 Brands in the Comparison Test 0:37 Gel Fuel Odor 0:43 Difference in Flames Once Lit 1:05 Typical Price Per Ounce 1:25 Gel Fuel Consistency 1:36 Average Burn Time 1:44 Realistic Sound While Burning Are you tired of the time that »

What Are The Benefits of Using Gel Fuel

Video Highlights: 0:21 What is Gel Fuel 1:13 Gel Fuel does produce heat 1:31 Realistic Flame 1:43 Crackling sound while burning 1:59 Is Gel Fuel Safe to Use? 2:27 Does Gel Fuel put off any odors? 2:58 How many cans may be burned »