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Screen Types to Choose from for your Fireplace

A fireplace screen can add style to your hearth and make your fireplace the center of attention in your home. All the while protecting wood floors, carpet, and surrounding hearth furniture from popping sparks, hot embers, and rolling logs. I am Melissa and today I will talk about the different »

3 Reasons to Add a Fireback to your Fireplace

Hello, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress; today I am going to discuss firebacks and 3 reasons that you should be using a fireback in your fireplace. Firebacks have adorned fireplaces since the colonial times, mostly to protect the fireplace but now there are more exciting benefits also like making your »

How a Chimney Cap Protects Masonry Chimneys from Potential Damages

Download the PDF A chimney cap plays important roles in the health of your home’s masonry chimney. Many homeowners’ do not realize the importance of a chimney cap. Some just think that a chimney cap is for the aesthetic appeal of a masonry chimney. This could not be further »

Choosing The Right Fireplace Screen For Your Fireplace

Video Highlights: 0:08 Adding a fireplace screen 0:26 Fireplace screen styles offered 0:38 Single Panel Fireplace Screens 0:56 Bowed Fireplace Screens 1:15 Fireplace Screens with Doors 1:29 Folding Fireplace Screens 1:55 Child Guard Screens 2:03 HearthGate 2:24 Spark Guards 2:43 »