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Why Does My Woodstove Smoke Come Back Into My Home?

Video Highlights: 0:20 Common Misconception 0:37 First step when Woodstove Smoke becomes an issue 1:02 When you are seeing the smoke 1:15 Woodstove smokes only when lighting it 2:00 Woodstove smokes only when it is windy 2:51 Vacu-Stack Chimney Caps 3:02 Intermittent Smoking »

Why Does My Fireplace Smoke Back Into My Home?

Video Highlights: 0:17 Variables that may lead to smoke issues 0:43 Damper opening properly 1:01 Structural Obstructions 1:30 Only smokes during high winds 2:06 Smokes when starting a fire 2:19 Smokes sporadically with no pattern 2:49 Small amount of smoke leaking There are »