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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to introduce you to a great chimney cleaning system, The Rotary Chimney Cleaning System. This system allows you to attach the rods to a drill, spinning the rods and whip head with the drill to clean the inside of your chimney flue. This is a very easy to use system and does not require a lot of muscle; the drill does the hard work for you. You can even use the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System for cleaning from the bottom up. Not only will this system make cleaning a chimney easier it will also be safe because you are not required to be on top of the roof. The Rotary Chimney Cleaning System is also safe to be used in metal flue liners or class A chimney pipe.

About the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System

When you open your Rotary Chimney Cleaning System it will include: (6) 3 ft. Long 1/2″ diameter Flexible Rods with reversible “Button-Link” Quick-Connect System, (1) Drill Adapter, (1) Hex Key, (1) 52″ x 48″ Fireplace/Stove Opening Cover, (1) User’s Guide, and (1) “Trim to Fit” Spin Whip. The only items that you will need to provide is some heavy duty tape for securing the fireplace cover and a drill that has a clutch. The manufacturer recommends this item is used only with cordless drills, but people have used electric drill very slowly. Using an electric drill may cause damage to your rods if you hit an obstruction and/or a defect inside your chimney. The tool will not automatically stop as in a cordless drill with a clutch. Damage caused from using the kit with an electric drill will not be covered under the warranty.

Time to Clean with the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System

Now that you know what the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System is all about let’s talk about how to use it to clean your chimney step by step.

  1. To get started you will first start by measuring your flue opening. This will help determine how much you will need to trim off of the whip head if any. Don’t forget about cleaning your chimney cap if you have one. Sometime your cap is larger than the flue opening.
  2. Trim the whip head according to either the size of your chimney cap or flue opening.
  3. If you have a chimney cap I would suggest cleaning that first. For step by step instructions please see Cleaning a Chimney Cap with the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System below. If no chimney cap is present move on to the next step.
  4. Prepare your fireplace opening by placing the plastic cover over the open using the heavy duty tape to secure it. Make sure that the whole opening is cover and secured well all the way around. Leave a corner down.
  5. Connect the Button Lock Adapter to the Drill. Also connect the whip head and one length of rod together. Do not connect to the drill yet.
  6. Place the whip head with one length of rod connected into the chimney before attaching it to the drill. Cut a small slit in the center of the plastic, bring the bottom end of the rod through the opening in the plastic and attach it to the drill.
  7. Turn the drill on and begin cleaning. Move up and down the chimney flue, once that area is clean turn the drill off and add another length of rod. Then reconnect to the drill.
  8. Continue this process until the entire chimney length has been cleaned.
  9. Once you have reached the top of your flue you will then set the drill to the reverse spin to bring it back down the chimney. Detach the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System from the drill as you pull it down the chimney flue. .

Cleaning a Chimney Cap with the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System

  1. Connect the Button Lock Adapter to the Drill. Also connect the whip head and one length of rod together.
  2. Place the cap on its side.
  3. Place the whip head in the chimney cap before engaging the drill.
  4. Turn the drill on, cleaning the entire inside of the cap.
  5. Detach the Rotary Chimney Cleaning System from the drill.
  6. Re-install the chimney cap atop the chimney flue opening.

Now you are all finished and ready for the burning season to begin once again with a clean chimney flue and it didn’t cost you as much as having a chimney sweep come out to do a routine cleaning. However, if you suspect any issues with the functionality of your home’s chimney than I do recommend having a Chimney Professional come out to diagnose any problems the chimney may have. Do not try to do this yourself, the repercussions could be devastating.