In this video, we’ll go through our exclusive 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control, step by step so you can see which products to use and exactly how to use them.

Controlling mosquito populations on your property isn’t something that can be achieved by throwing up a bug zapper or spraying an insecticide and calling it good. It takes a well formulated, exclusive mosquito control process that targets and eliminates mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle to be successful at gaining mosquito control over your property.

We’ve done our research and performed countless mosquito control tests to develop our 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control. This effective 4 step process is exclusive to; however, we’d like to share our success with you so you too can enjoy your outdoor area and finally gain successful mosquito control over your property.

Step 1

The first step in our exclusive 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control is searching out and eliminating mosquito breeding grounds. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water so any area throughout your property with standing water creates an ideal environment for breeding. Mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water like bird baths, flower pots, rain gutter, rain barrels, old tires or any other container in which water has collected, and they can also thrive in larger water sources like ponds, swimming pools or swamps.

The easiest and most effective way to wipe out mosquito breeding grounds is by using a larvacide that kills mosquito larvae while they are still in the aquatic stages of their life cycle, before they have a chance to mature into adult biting insects. Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits are effective, easy to use mosquito larvacides that release a constant, low dose of B.T.I. which is a bacterium that controls mosquitoes and black flies in their larval filter feeding stage of development. The larvae die after consuming the bacteria that causes a disease specific to them but is harmless to all other forms of wildlife.

Another larvacide that we’ve had tremendous success with is Mosquito Barrier. Mosquito Barrier is an all-natural “super garlic” mosquito larvacide that not only kills and repels adult mosquitoes, but also suffocates and kills mosquito larvae in standing water. Mosquito Barrier is easily applied using the Little Big Spray Tank and it can be used to treat mosquito infestations on land by simply mixing it with water and it can be used to treat mosquito infestations in water sources by adding canola or soybean oil to the mix.

Step 2

The second step in our exclusive 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control involves using a mosquito trap to lure mosquitoes away from your outdoor living area. The most effective mosquito traps use a combination of CO2 and various attractants like Octenol or Lurex to trick mosquitoes into thinking the trap is a living, breathing host. As mosquitoes approach the trap on the perimeter of your property, they are drawn into the trap where they eventually dehydrate and die.

The great thing about incorporating a mosquito trap in your mosquito control process is that you’ll notice both immediate and long term relief from mosquito infestations. The mosquito trap will instantly begin killing mosquitoes and within 4 weeks of constant operation, the mosquito trap will actually interrupt the breeding cycle and prevent future mosquito generations from becoming a nuisance.

Step 3

The third step in our exclusive 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control includes setting up a Mosquito Mister to get rid of mosquitoes that have made it past the mosquito trap and into your outdoor living quarters.  Mosquito Misters provide immediate, long lasting protection by creating an invisible barrier between you and the mosquito using a variety of concentrates that kill mosquitoes on contact and repel mosquitoes away from living area.  Mosquito Misters offer automatic, effective mosquito control at the push of a button.  They’re perfect for use in your outdoor living area because they are actually attractive and there aren’t any bug trays, sticky traps or killing grids to empty or dispose of.

Step 4

The fourth and final step in our exclusive 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control involves using Mosquito Barrier to kill adult mosquitoes that are resting on grass, weeds and other vegetation.  Mosquito Barrier offers the advantage of penetrating cracks and crevices that other mosquito control systems can’t touch.  Using the Little Big Tank, spray trees, bushes, shrubs, fences and the siding of your house.

We also suggest using either a ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance or a Terminix Mosquito Repeller during outdoor activities to repel resilient mosquitoes that have made it out of the breeding area, past the mosquito trap and mosquito mister and straight to you.  ThermaCELL and Terminix products are offered as mosquito lanterns, table top mosquito repellent appliances, handheld repellers and clip-able appliances that can be worn on your clothing.