Learn What You Can Do To Kill Mosquitoes In Your Neighborhood

In this article I’m going to give you several tips that will help you effectively kill mosquitoes in your yard as well as your neighborhood. Home and Neighborhood Recon There are many areas around your home and neighborhood that are ideal breeding and resting environments for mosquitoes and before »

How To Kill Mosquito Larvae After Flooding and Heavy Rains

Recent flooding, including flooding from storm surges and rains due to extreme weather in 2012, have many experts predicting significantly increased mosquito activity nation wide. According to Dr. Mark Johnsen, Texas AgriLife Extension Service expert, two distinct waves of mosquito infestations seem to explode following a flood. The first wave »

4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control

In this video, we’ll go through our exclusive 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control, step by step so you can see which products to use and exactly how to use them. Controlling mosquito populations on your property isn’t something that can be achieved by throwing up a »

Mosquito Control Step 1 - Eliminate Breeding Grounds

In this short video, we’ll discuss how to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds using Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits. Every mosquito control process should start with biological mosquito control that focuses on killing mosquito larvae and eliminating breeding grounds. That’s precisely what Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits do; they »

Mosquito Control - 2013 Mosquito Population Projections

In 2012, every state had a warmer-than-average year. A total of 19 states, stretching from Utah to Massachusetts, had record warmth in 2012 and an additional 26 states had a Top 10 warm year.  Along with all of the extreme temperature highs, 2012 also brought a record year for tropical »

Revive A Smoldering Fire With A Fireplace Bellows

In this short video Melissa introduces you to our 15″ Pine Fireplace Bellows. A Fireplace Bellows is used to breath life back into a dying fire safely.  It’s a common sight to see someone take a deep breath and blow into a smoldering fire in an attempt to revive »

How To Choose Your Wood Stove Pipe Brand

In this short video I’ll explain how to choose the right brand of stove pipe for your installation. Stovepipe is the connector pipe that connects your wood burning stove to the chimney.  It cannot pass through any combustible material including walls, ceilings, floors or the roof. It cannot be »

What Size Stove Pipe Do I Need

In this short video I’ll explain how to determine what size stove pipe you need for your wood stove. Stove pipe, also known as connector pipe, is used to connect your wood stove to your chimney. To determine what size stove pipe you need you simply measure the collar »

The 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter From WoodEze Is A Beast!

In this LONG video Rob Cochran, President of, demonstrates the 4 Ton and 7 Ton Electric Log Splitters from WoodEze. We’re now in our 4th season selling the WoodEze Electric Log Splitters and what a run it’s been. With over 1,989 WoodEze log splitters sold »

DuraTech Chimney Pipe - Cathedral Ceiling Support Kit Review

In this short video I’ll give you a run down of all the items included in the DuraTech Chimney Cathedral Ceiling Support Kit from DuraVent. The cathedral ceiling support kit is perfect for installations where you’ll be running your chimney pipe through a cathedral ceiling or for mobile »