In this short video I’ll explain how to choose the right brand of stove pipe for your installation.

Stovepipe is the connector pipe that connects your wood burning stove to the chimney.  It cannot pass through any combustible material including walls, ceilings, floors or the roof.

It cannot be run outside as it is made of steel and will quickly rust and since it’s not insulated it would cause draft issues.

Connector pipe can only used on the interior of your home to connect your wood stove to your chimney.

Stove pipe is brand specific which simply means if you choose DuraBlack Stove Pipe you’ve got to stick with that from the wood stove to the chimney.  You can’t switch brands midway and you can’t replace a section of stovepipe with a different brand.

This is because of the way each section connects to the next.  Some brands use crimped ends, others use smooth formed ends, and all of them are slightly different so they do not make a secure seal if mixed together.

Single wall stove pipe is great for most installations because it radiates a lot of heat into the living space due to it’s single wall construction and it’s inexpensive.  It requires 18″ clearance to combustible materials which is typically fine.

Double wall stove pipe is great for installations that require reduced clearance to combustible materials since it allows for 6″ clearance to walls and 8″ clearance to ceilings.

Double wall stove pipe is also required for all mobile home installations.

As for choosing a specific brand it’s best to match your stove pipe to your chimney pipe.  So if you choose DuraVent Chimney Pipe you’re best to use DuraVent Stove Pipe.

Same goes for Selkirk and other brands however if you’re replacing your stove pipe and you don’t know what brand chimney pipe you have many brands do make adapters to allow you to transition to your chimney pipe.

In the end each brand has different features and benefits.  I’ve always been partial to the DuraVent brand of stove pipe and chimney pipe because they make a great product.  I think their DVL double wall stove pipe is the best you can buy and DuraTech and DuraPlus are both great products to work with.

I hope you found this helpful and good luck with your installation.