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What Type of Stove Pipe Do I Need for My Venting System

Download the PDF Most homeowners that are installing a wood stove or freestanding fireplace just want to get the right venting components with the least amount of hassle as possible. There are so many brands, sizes, and types of stove pipe out there that it can get confusing. Today we »

How To Choose Your Wood Stove Pipe Brand

In this short video I’ll explain how to choose the right brand of stove pipe for your installation. Stovepipe is the connector pipe that connects your wood burning stove to the chimney.  It cannot pass through any combustible material including walls, ceilings, floors or the roof. It cannot be »

What Size Stove Pipe Do I Need

In this short video I’ll explain how to determine what size stove pipe you need for your wood stove. Stove pipe, also known as connector pipe, is used to connect your wood stove to your chimney. To determine what size stove pipe you need you simply measure the collar »

DuraVent Stove Pipe Adapters Explained

In this short video Joe explains the different adapters available when connecting stove pipe to your support box or wall thimble. The transitions are the most complicated parts of a chimney installation.  When I talk about transitions I’m referring to the areas where you have to penetrate a wall, »