In this short video Joe explains the different adapters available when connecting stove pipe to your support box or wall thimble.

The transitions are the most complicated parts of a chimney installation.  When I talk about transitions I’m referring to the areas where you have to penetrate a wall, ceiling, or roof as well as where you have to transition from stove pipe to high temperature chimney pipe.

DuraVent makes 4 different adapters that I’ll cover in detail in the video.  These adapters allow you to make a mechanically secure connection from DuraBlack, DVL, and even SnapLock stove pipe to your support box or wall thimble.

It’s extremely important to make a drip free, mechanically sound connection at the support box or wall thimble to ensure safe operation and years of heat and enjoyment from your wood stove or appliance.

If you’ve got any questions as always feel free to call one of our stove pipe experts at 866 667-8454.