In this short video I explain the practical reasons why I choose DuraTech Chimney Pipe for my wood stove installations.

Over the next week or so I’ll be posting videos detailing specific components of DuraTech Chimney Pipe, the applications for those items, and much more.  But before I started with that information I wanted to first tell you why I choose DuraTech Chimney over other types and brands.

Here’s the short list if you don’t want to watch the entire video…

  1. 2″ clearance to combustibles with a 1″ think wall – Allows you to install between 16″ on center studs and joists.  That eliminates the need to box in the joist or studs as you would need to do with a triple wall pipe.
  2. Features a “twist-lock” connection which eliminates the need for locking bands which eliminates the cost of locking bands and…more importantly it saves time and frustration.  Less time in the attic or on the roof as well as faster and simpler installation.
  3. DuraTech chimney pipe is thicker than competitive brands with a .020″ thick inner wall vs. competitors at a .016″ inner wall means it’s able to stand up to the corrosive qualities of burning wood, coal, and gas.
  4. DuraTech is the only “high temperature” chimney pipe that offers five foot lengths to my knowledge.  Less trips up the ladder and fewer connections.
  5. Wide range of components including unique items like their snow splitter (valuable here in Northern Michigan), adjustable lengths of double wall chimney which are great for offsets, select lengths of high temp chimney painted black, and many many more.
  6. Available in diameters from 5″ through 24″ for almost any need on the market.

Whenever my family or friends ask me what they should install I always recommend DuraTech Chimney.  It isn’t the cheapest venting solution on the market but it is the easiest and most versatile to work with in my opinion.

As always if you’ve got any questions with your chimney pipe installation call one of our chimney pipe experts at 866 667-8454.