In this short video I’ll introduce you to the adjustable length of Class A “high temp” chimney pipe from DuraTech…the most versatile chimney system on the market today.

To my knowledge there is no other Class “A” High Temperature chimney product on the market that offers an adjustable length of chimney pipe like this.

The DuraTech Adjustable Length of chimney pipe allows you to adjust from 14″ – 21″ in length.

This is the perfect solution when you need to install an offset that requires an odd size.  For example, when your installation requires an offset in an attic space sometimes it can be about impossible to get the pipe to line up perfectly with standard sizes of chimney pipe.

Chimney Pipe is not available in half inch increments and there are only so many specific lengths available.  When standard lengths won’t do the adjustable length will save the day.

To adjust you simply remove strips of insulation from one piece of the adjustable length until you’re able to get your required length of pipe.  Keep in mind that you MUST have insulation packed in every area in the pipe, so don’t remove too much, if anything force the pipe together and squish the insulation in the pipe as needed to get a secure fit.

If any empty space is left in the pipe you will create a hot spot and lose your 2″ clearance to combustible materials.  So again, be sure to remove only enough insulation to get the proper length of pipe while maintaining a solid pack insulation.

This is one more reason DuraTech Chimney Pipe is the most versatile brand of chimney pipe on the market today.  As always, if you’ve got any questions please call one of our chimney pipe experts today at 866-667-8454.