In this short video Melissa introduces you to our 15″ Pine Fireplace Bellows.

A Fireplace Bellows is used to breath life back into a dying fire safely.  It’s a common sight to see someone take a deep breath and blow into a smoldering fire in an attempt to revive the flames, however, that can be extremely dangerous.

Dangers range from singing your eyebrows or hair to hair catching on fire and severe burns to your face.

Avoid the drama this year, singed eyebrows never look good in your family photo’s anyway, and pick up a simple to use Fireplace Bellows.

Prices range from about $25 for a basic pine bellows to over $225 for a hand crafted Alligator Print Leather Bellows.

The point is, there are inexpensive solutions that will keep you safe and do the job as well as highly decorative solutions that will enhance the look of your fireplace.

So save your breath and your eyebrows and buy a fireplace bellows today.