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Johnny Beard Fireplace Bellows - The Best on the Market

If you are in the market for a new fireplace bellow boy do we have a line for you to look at! The Johnny Beard Company offers a large selection of beautifully handcrafted bellows. Each bellow is made from only the finest of woods. The Johnny Beard Company The use »

Top 7 Products for Last Minute Gift Ideas that are Under $100

Are you in need of a last minute gift for an additional holiday guest this year? We have many products for you to choose from at Choose from a large variety of home and hearth products, furniture, etc. Not only are these great holiday gift ideas but they »

Revive A Smoldering Fire With A Fireplace Bellows

In this short video Melissa introduces you to our 15″ Pine Fireplace Bellows. A Fireplace Bellows is used to breath life back into a dying fire safely.  It’s a common sight to see someone take a deep breath and blow into a smoldering fire in an attempt to revive »