In this LONG video Rob Cochran, President of, demonstrates the 4 Ton and 7 Ton Electric Log Splitters from WoodEze.

We’re now in our 4th season selling the WoodEze Electric Log Splitters and what a run it’s been.

With over 1,989 WoodEze log splitters sold we can’t be happier with their performance.

Our customers are speaking out as well with 74 reviews at an average 4.5 out of 5 star rating there’s no doubt this product is rock solid.

Here are a few recent reviews we’ve received on these electric log splitters:

Jeff posted on 2/6/13
“Works great right out of the box. I Split oak maple and walnut.”

Burton posted on 11/23/2012
*“The spliiter is amazing for the price. I was splitting logs probably 25 inches plus, over twice what it is rated for. I was spitting a log that I could barely lift it was so heavy…” *

John posted on 11/23/2012
*“Best toy I’ve ever owned. Had 7 ton splitter less than a week and split a cord of hard wood without breaking into a sweat. Very easy to use, more powerful than I had imagined. And it runs quietly.” *

Listen we don’t just post the good ones either, there are some ugly reviews on the site as well…

rsa972 posted on 10/30/2012
“The splitter works great! Even my wife is able to manage it 🙂 The only my concern is the packaging. It definitely needs some improvement. The box arrived in shreds, one wheel was broken. However Customer Support sent me the replacement. I would definitely recommend the log splitter to other, excellent product!”

Jerry K posted on 12/14/2012
*“You can’t go wrong for the price. I was lucky with the box it came in, the bottom was open but it was held together with the 2 straps. They need to ship that in a stronger box. I wouldn’t put 20 lbs in that box.” *

Based on these reviews Rob and I worked closely with the manufacturer and we’ve since greatly improved the packaging on these units.  They were able to add more foam to the package and suspend the unit so the wheels weren’t sitting on the ground during shipping. A thicker box is now used as well.

When you buy from you’re buying from Rob and Joe (I’m Joe).  We read your comments, we see your emails, and we do our best to improve everything from our products to our service, packaging and deliver.  That’s our commitment to you, our valued customer.

If you’re in the market for an electric log splitter or if you’re comparing a gas powered log splitter vs. an electric log splitter be sure to check out the WoodEze electric log splitter from WoodEze.

You won’t be disappointing.