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Protect your Home's Floors and Walls During a Wood Stove Installation

There are many variables involved to ensure a safe and efficient wood stove installation. When planning for the installation of a wood stove you always want to make sure that you plan for everything and this includes how you will protect your home’s floors or walls. Protecting the floor »

Learn More about the Different Styles of Fireplace Grate Heaters

Heating with a traditional open fireplace is not going to be the most beneficial option. The majority of the heat is going to go straight up the chimney flue. However, you can increase the efficiency of a traditional fireplace by installing a fireplace grate heater. There are many different styles »

Split Firewood without Taking a Toll on Your Body!

If you have ever attempted to split firewood with an ax I am sure that you are familiar with how hard it can be! It is a job that becomes very frustrating and tiring. As a wood burner myself and I can tell you there have been many times that »

5 Top Selling Log Carrier Products for the 2015 Season

Having a wood burning fireplace or wood stove is wonderful for heating with but it is not always the easiest. There is a lot of work involved in gathering firewood for the season, hauling it into the house, and keeping the area clean and tidy. It is a chore that »

Double Your Productivity with the WoodEze 4-Way Wedge

Print the PDF Use a 4-way Wedge and Cut Splitting Time in Half Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I love to accessorize but my favorite accessories are the ones that save me time. That is why today I am going to tell you about the WoodEze 4-way Wedge. »

Our Top 3 Log Splitter Sellers at NorthlineExpress

Download the PDF Here at NorthlineExpress we sell three types of Log Splitters: manual, electric, and gas powered. Each type of log splitter is great when used appropriately and realistically. Meaning you don’t want to expect to split a whole seasons worth of wood with a manual splitter without »