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0:10 WoodEze 5 Piece Black Spiral Design Fireplace Tool Set
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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress, here with our WoodEze 5 Piece Black Spiral Design Fireplace Tool Set. This is the perfect tool set to add just that decorative touch to your hearth.

The WoodEze Spiral Design Fireplace Tool Set has an elegant spiral twist design in the center of the stand of the tool set. This design gives the tool set a unique appearance making it a decorative accessory without over doing it! It still maintains that simple look as well so it is a great choice for any decor and hearth settings.

The WoodEze Spiral Design Fireplace Tool Set includes a poker, broom, shovel, and a pair of tongs. The shovel itself is very nice because the shovel head is wide enough and deep enough that you can clean up ashes efficiently without making a bigger mess than you had in the first place. The broom features a 4” Tampico Bristle Head which means that it is made with plastic heat resistant bristles. You will be able to use the broom on your wood stove shelf and you do not have to worry about melting the bristles. The tongs that are included are very convenient whether it is time for poking your fire or adding another log into your fire. Each of the tools feature a crooked designed handle so that your fireplace tools are easy to put back into place once you are finished using them.

The WoodEze Spiral Design Fireplace Tool Set is steel construction with a black powder coat finish so it is going to be a durable and long lasting tool set. The powder coat finish make to tool set capable of maintaining its good looks for years to come even with day to day use during the burning season.

The overall dimensions of the WoodEze Spiral Design Fireplace Tool Set are 28.5” high by 9.5” wide at the base. The average length of each tool is about 24” long. That is a decent length tool even with a larger wood stove or fireplace depth. Another great feature is that this tool set comes fully assembled so it is ready to use right out of the box.

It is another great product from Northline Express, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee and don’t forget we are your one stop shop for all of your hearth accessories.

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