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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here to introduce you to a great hearth accessory that is the Hearth Helpers Ember Extractor Jr. This is used to reclaim the hot coals that are going to help you light your next fire much easier and without fire starters.

This American made ember extractor allows you to quickly sift hot coals from the cool ash which is going to help you get your next fire started. This is really important for those of you that use your wood stove or fireplace on a continuous burn basis as supplemental heat. If you are then you already know how quickly your firebox can fill up with ashes and hot coals as well but it really makes it difficult to keep stoking the fire. Eventually you are forced to completely clean the firebox out. But with the Ember Extractor Jr. you are going to be able to remove that useless ash and retain those hot coals so getting your fire started is going to be much easier and you will still be able to keep that fire going at a continuous basis.

This particular model of ember extractor is designed for wood stoves and fireplaces that have a firebox measuring 16” deep or less. It does not require any amount of assembly either and it is a really easy product to use. I like that it has a front hoe design on the product which makes it easy and convenient for pulling or pushing your ashes from the back and front of the firebox. It also has a side piece that is designed to allow the ember extractor to be place on its side and push large amount of debris to one side while letting the small ash fall through the sifting holes.

Let’s discuss the sifting area of the Ember Extractor Jr. This is the part of the product that is actually doing all of the work. The sifting surface measures 6” wide by 9” long and has half inch square holes cut into to it. This works in the same way as a sifter that children play with in a sand box or a common household kitchen sifter by allowing the fine cool ash to fall through the holes while keeping the larger hot embers on top of the sifting surface.

The Ember Extractor Jr. is very simple to use. You will start by placing all of the ash bed to one side of the firebox and then you will sift through the pile little by little and place the hot ember on the opposite side of the firebox. Once you have sifted through the entire ash pile and all you have left is the fine cool ash you will simply remove that cool ash with a shovel and an ash container to be disposed of. You will have a lot more room in the firebox to get a beautiful fire burning.

This product is made with stainless steel and it also has a nice elongated handle to keep your hand and arm at a safe distance from the hot embers and no fireplace gloves will be necessary just to clean out your firebox. The Ember Extractor Jr. has double welds on the sifting plate where it attaches to the handle. So not only is it going to be an efficient product but it will also be durable and long lasting as well. The fact that the Ember Extractor Jr. is constructed of stainless steel also means that it will maintain its great looks for a long time to come as well as being easy to clean for when it is not in use. A damp rag will rid the Ember Extractor Jr. of any ash that is on the steel surfaces.

Ember Extractor Jr. is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee and don’t forget we are also your one stop shop for all of your hearth accessories.

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