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0:11 WoodEze Twist Design Fireplace Tool Set
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1:02 Shovel head measurement
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Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and if you are looking for a fireplace tool set that is going to add a little flare to your hearth then you should take a look at our WoodEze 5 Piece Black Wrought Iron Twist Design Fireplace Tool Set.

This tool set is classic enough that it will blend well with a modern setting but it is also muted enough and simple enough that it is going to blend well in a rustic setting as well. The stand is a steel construction and in the middle on the stand it features a twisted metal design which gives a little bit of a unique look but does not overdo it. There is a leaf vein design featured on the base of the stand. Each tool in the set also features a twisted design for the handle. The WoodEze Twist Design Fireplace Tool Set has just enough decorative accents to make it stand out but not too many where everyone will spend all their time looking at your tool set.

The WoodEze Twist Design Fireplace Tool Set includes a poker, broom, shovel, and a set of tongs. One nice thing about this particular tool set is that the shovel is actually functional. The shovel head measures 6.5” long by 5” wide and deep enough that you can use it to scoop ashes without making a larger mess that you had in the first place.

The overall dimensions of the tool set are 30.5” high by 9.5” wide and 9.5” deep. The 9.5” wide is at the base so you will want to make sure you have the appropriate amount of room for it on your hearth. Each tool is going to have a length of about 27.5”. The entire tools set and all of the tools included have a steel construction so they are going to be durable. The WoodEze Twist Design Fireplace Tool Set also has a black powder coat finish, so the beautiful good looking tools that you have here can maintain those good looks even after years of everyday use in your wood stove or fireplace.

The WoodEze Iron Twist Design Fireplace Tool Set is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee and don’t forget we are also your one stop shop for all of your hearth accessories.

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