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Use a 4-way Wedge and Cut Splitting Time in Half

Hi, I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I love to accessorize but my favorite accessories are the ones that save me time. That is why today I am going to tell you about the WoodEze 4-way Wedge. The 4-ton 4-way wedge or the 7-ton 4-way wedge are both great additions to double your productivity when using the WoodEze 4-ton or 7-ton Electric Log Splitter. As if the WoodEze Electric Log Splitters didn’t already make cutting firewood so much easier, now when you add a 4-way wedge to the splitter instead of splitting a log into 2 pieces you will split the log into 4 pieces all at one time. With the simple addition of this accessory you are going to be able to cut your log splitting time in half. So don’t waste no more time splitting the same log multiple times get it all done in one motion with the WoodEze 4-way Wedge.

Video Highlights: 0:06 The WoodEze 4-way Log Splitter Wedge 0:36 Installing the Wedge 0:54 Watching the Wedge in action

Simple Installation

There is nothing to installing the WoodEze 4-way Log Splitter Wedge on to the log splitter. You simply just drop it over the wedge end of the log splitter. Now you are ready to cut your splitting time in half and ramp up productivity by twice as much! The 4-way wedge is going to be one of the easiest and most time saving accessory that you will ever use. There is no hassle, you just place it and then you are ready to rip through your log pile in no time.

Productivity of the 4-way Wedge

Using a log splitter from WoodEze will already reduce the time that it takes you to split firewood drastically compared to splitting it by hand. Adding a 4-way wedge will reduce the productivity time in half even further. Instead of having to split a log in half and then each piece in half again you will be able to split the log into 4 pieces all in one motion reducing the number of times that you are bending over to pick up logs. So not only will this save you time it will also save you wear and tear on your body.

Savings offered by WoodEze

Now to sweeten the deal even more…When you purchase a 4-ton or 7-ton WoodEze Electric Log Splitter from NorthlineExpress you will instantly save $10 on a 4-way wedge when you add it to the same purchase. What is better than saving money on an accessory that is going to save you time and increase productivity?

Don’t waste another minute head on over to to get a WoodEze 4-way Wedge for your WoodEze Electric 4-ton or 7-ton Log Splitter today! If you still have more questions or would like to make a purchase give out friendly Customer Service Team a call at 1-866-667-8454. Here at NorthlineExpress, Home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee, we are always happy to help.