Having a wood burning fireplace or wood stove is wonderful for heating with but it is not always the easiest. There is a lot of work involved in gathering firewood for the season, hauling it into the house, and keeping the area clean and tidy. It is a chore that has to be done daily if not multiple times a day. A log carrier or tote is a good item to have handy for hauling your wood indoors.

When hauling arm loads of wood through your home to the hearth area you usually leave a trail of bark and debris behind you and then you also get it all over your clothes. Which when you plan to haul wood in that is fine because you can wear an old coat or clothing so it doesn’t get ruined. But what about those times that you are all dressed for work or an event and you just realize there is not enough wood inside to fill the fire before you leave?

Using a log carrier can help make hauling firewood into your house easier and it will also help to keep the mess relatively contained. There will be no more bark pieces stuck to your clothes and no more trail being left behind as you walk through the house with the firewood.

Take a look at these 5 Top Selling Log Carrier Products that our customers love!

#1 Seller: WoodEze Premium Brown Suede Leather Log Carrier


The WoodEze Premium Leather Log Carrier has reinforced riveted seams and extra-long handles to make carrying heavy loads of firewood easier. Being constructed of leather this firewood carrier is tough enough to with stand the abuse of hauling wood for many years! Its warm brown color makes it great for sitting next to a traditional fireplace or wood stove. This WoodEze Log Carrier is compatible with several of the WoodEze’s hearth racks. It measures 17.5’’ wide by 30’’ long.

#2 Seller: Large Black TuffDuck Carry-All with Khaki Trim


The TuffDuck Carry-All is a great tote that is enclosed on all four sides. This log tote measures 22″ long by 12″ wide by 12″ high. The Large TuffDuck carry-all is constructed from extra-durable black nylon polyester duck with khaki trim. Carrying firewood is only one of the many uses of this handy carrier. You can also use it in the garden for harvesting or use it to hold kindling on your hearth. Both stylish and practical, this log carrier will fit into any homes décor.

#3 Seller: WoodEze Heavy Weight Black Canvas Log Tote


This Heavy Weight Canvas Log Tote by WoodEze will save you time and energy when it comes to hauling your firewood inside. It is made of durable canvas material with reinforced seams for added strength. This carrier has an enclosed bottom and sides that helps to prevent dropping dirt and bark from your firewood throughout your home. This log carrier measures 37″ long by 20″ wide by 20″ tall. It will be a helpful accessory to add to your hearth.

#4 Seller: Backsaver Black Wood Tote with Silver Trim


The Backsaver Wood Tote will do exactly as its name claims, it will save your back. This USA made product is going to make your life so much easier when it comes to hauling wood. When the Back Saver Tote is loaded, you’ll instantly notice how much easier it is to haul firewood compared to lugging a heavy basket with one hand. This is because of the fact that most of the weight is being carried by your shoulders and you are not leaning to one side kinking your back.

This log carrier is constructed of a nylon polyester double-stitched 200-pound tensile duck fabric, reinforced handles, and edge bindings. This carrier measures 56’’ long by 24’’ wide and is great for carrying other heavy loads such as bagged gravel, cement, pet food, awkward sticks and much more.

#5 Seller: Black Square Canvas Carrier with Sides


Gather an armload of firewood easily and mess free with the Square Canvas Carrier with Sides! This canvass carrier has reinforced seams and webbed handles for strength and durability. Use this log carrier for much more than just that. Store items on your hearth with it, or haul tools, gardening supplies, use it when weeding the garden, or anything else that requires you to haul more than a handful. This tote measures 22″ long by 11 1/4″ wide by 14 high.

So if you are looking to make hauling firewood easier on your body then most definitely a log carrier is the right choice! If you would like to choose from our complete selection of log carriers click here to see our full inventory.