Knowing what fire starter is going to be the best option for starting your fires is not a science, it is all about personal preferences. Having any fire starter on hand is going to make lighting your fires so much easier. There is such a large selection of them on the market that it can be hard to choose. But we are going to try and help you with choosing the best fire starter for your home.

Here are our customers most purchased fire starters…

Super Cedar Fire Starter

This round puck style fire starter is a quicker, safer, and cleaner way of getting your fire started. The SuperCedar Fire Starters are made of cedar sawdust and highly refined wax; they will leave no residue or toxic chemicals behind. Each fire starter has a burn time of 20-30 minutes with a 12″ flame. You will smell a great cedar odor while the fire is getting going. With the holidays fast approaching, the Super Cedar Fire Starters will make the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Anyone who loves a great fire, will really enjoy a Super Cedar Fire Starter!

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Safe Lite Fire Starter

The Safe Lite Fire Starters are the preferred fire starter for many employees here at NorthlineExpress. SafeLite Fire Starter squares are the safe, clean-burning solid fuel alternative. Environmentally sensible and economical, these squares light quickly and easily. They have a burn time of 8-12 minutes for one square, even when wet!

Made of compressed wood chips and wax each square contains 10% recycled wood and paper fiber. Take some along when hiking or hunting for an emergency fire. Just break off a square or two, stand on edge, and place dry wood or charcoal briquettes on top. Touch a lighted match to the rough edge to start instantly.

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Black Rock Powder Co. Fire Starters

Black Rock Powder Company’s Dynamite fire starters will add a look of the old west to your hearth. Use the storage crate for the complete authentic feel. It is made with beautiful cedar wood with sturdy glued and nailed joints to last a long time. A Black Rock Powder Company’s Dynamite fire starter is very easy to use just simply place one dynamite fire starter stick under the logs and light one or both ends of the stick. Each stick will burn approximately 30 minutes setting ablaze even the most stubborn wood.

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Fatwood Fire Starters

Fatwood Fire Starters are nature’s fire starter! Made from all natural pine and resins, Fatwood eliminates the need for newspaper or chemicals to light your fire quickly. This fire starter is 100% natural and non-toxic. It uses no oils or chemicals. Fatwood lights easily with a match even when wet, is environmentally friendly, and it smells so good! Once you’ve tried Fatwood, you’ll use it forever!

Fatwood fire starters are ideal for any indoor or outdoor situation. You can use it to start your backyard grill or your indoor fireplace safely and easily, even when wet! There is no spilling, no odors, no chance of flare-up and no dangerous toxins to breath. So leave the kerosene-soaked products, the smelly fluids and the sawdust composites to the other guys.

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Cast Iron Fire Starter

The Cast Iron FireStarter has been the traditional way of starting a fire and is still commonly used today. Simply fill the cast-iron fire starter tray with fluid, place it under the fireplace grate, and light it. The soap stone offers an extended burn time allowing your firewood enough time to light, even if the wood is wet. This fire starter measures 10 1/2″ long by 4″ wide by 1 1/2″ high and is constructed of cast iron making it sturdy enough to start your fires for a long time to come.

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This list just contains a small number of fire starters that are available. To see the complete inventory that we offer click here!

I hope that this information has helped to make you choice easier. However if you still have questions regarding fire starters please feel free to give our Customer Service Department a call at 1-866-667-8454. Here at, home of the Buy and Try Satisfaction Guarantee, we are always happy to help!