There are many fireplace and wood stove accessories that will make the burning process easier. One accessory that is definitely in my top 3 must haves is a pair of fireplace gloves. Having a pair to protect your hands from the heat of the fire makes managing it much less of a hazard. But they are good for so much more than just heat protection.

Why to Buy Fireplace Gloves

Most every wood burner has been burned by bumping the edge of a wood stove or fireplace opening with their hand or forearm. It is not the most pleasant feeling! Wearing fireplace gloves when tending your fires will help to prevent this happening. There are even long armed pairs that will protect your arm all the way up to the elbow. You won’t have to worry at all about accidental burns to your hands or forearms anymore.

When wearing sturdy gloves designed for use with a fireplace or wood stove, if a piece of wood or hot embers roll out at you, you can pick it right up and place it back into the fire without hesitation. Obviously this is not something that you can do without having the protection of the fireplace gloves.

No more poking at the fire and trying to move logs with a poker or tongs. With the fireplace gloves on you can place a log wherever it is needed. No matter if it needs to be placed on the back side of the fire, your hands are protected from the heat.

The fireplace gloves that we offer are constructed of a split-cow hide leather and come in either black or red colors. We do carry both the standard length and the long armed lengths.

We also offer a women’s size. Ladies will no longer have to make due with fireplace gloves that are just too big because they were designed as a One Size Fits Most. And they were designed to fit a man’s hands. Get a pair that will better fit your hand and that you will be able to handle the firewood better with.