If you have ever attempted to split firewood with an ax I am sure that you are familiar with how hard it can be! It is a job that becomes very frustrating and tiring. As a wood burner myself and I can tell you there have been many times that I have considered throwing the whole log with the ax stuck in it into the wood stove out of frustration.

Stop messing putting strain on your body and take a look at these other options to split your firewood with.

Split your Firewood with the WoodEze 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Splitting wood by hand with a splitting ax, or a splitting maul, or a wedge, is a lot of work! And it is a lot of energy that you have expended in getting a piece of wood like that split down into size. The 7-ton WoodEze Electric Log Splitter comes fully assembled and ready to go right off the truck! The only you need to do is plug it into a regular 110 household current, and you are ready to go.

Unlike a gas log splitter that requires a lot of maintenance, these are virtually maintenance free by comparison. The gas log splitters require weatherization. You have to change its oil. Gas powered log splitters burn fuel continuously where the electric log splitter only uses electricity when it is actually splitting. Once you are done splitting the log, you let go of the button, it turns off. So they are very economical to operate.

You pull them out, plug them in, and they are ready to go. You don’t have to worry about it starting up. They are always good to go.

The 7-ton WoodEze log splitter has two speeds to it. It is got a four-ton ram speed which moves faster and the seven-ton ram speed which moves a little slower but has a lot more force.

Click Here to watch the 7-ton WoodEze Electric Log Splitter product video!

Need a Heavy Duty Splitter? Look at the Dirty Hand Tools 27-Ton Gas Log Splitter

The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter is really an all-in-one kind of as well as horizontal log splitter. So when it is in the horizontal position it is great for those smaller logs that you could easily lift right into place and the vertical position is going to be helpful when you are cutting those logs that are just too heavy to lift.

The vertical position is going to allow you to set those logs in place rather than trying to hurt your back lifting them into place. That is the number one thing about this splitter that is going to make it really convenient, but there are a ton of other features that make this the log splitter that you don’t want to pass up.

One of the first important features I’m going to introduce you today with the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter is the built-in log cradle. Now this is only going to be valuable for you when you are using the splitter in the horizontal position. This is a nice feature that you actually don’t find on a lot of splitters out there on the market.

Watch the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter demonstration video here!

Split wood safely with the Easy-Split Wood Splitter

Looking for a more economical way to split wood without straining your back? Let me introduce you to a way that I discovered to split wood safely, easily, and without the strain…the Easy Split Wood Splitter. I gave it a try after I determined that swinging an ax was not a safe or efficient method for me to split our firewood.

The Easy Split firewood splitting tool combines the “sledge and wedge” method of splitting wood all into one unit. It is completely portable and weighs only 12 pounds total, this tool is easy to hold yet packs a wallop!

After a bit of practice, the Easy Split is effective on small to medium size wood and larger pieces of already split firewood. It also works very well for splitting kindling. The Easy Split also includes everything you need to start splitting right out of the box without any assembly.

It is easy to use as well; with one hand, hold the grip and place the splitting tip on the end of an upright log. Then while keeping a firm hold on the grip, toss the hammer in a downward motion and repeat.

It does take a bit of getting used to so I would like to share a couple tips that I have learned that helped make the Easy Split Wood Splitting tool even better.

Watch Melissa demonstrate the Easy Split Wood Splitter.