When using a fireplace to heat your home it can be difficult to get the warm air to circulate back into the room instead of being wasted up the chimney. The whole idea is to help cut heating costs not to be wasting fuel. Here is a little fact for you to think about, only about 40% of the heat generated by burning wood is actually being distributed into the house. One way to fix this is to direct the warm air by installing a fireplace grate heater.

Fireplace grate heaters are simple to install. You just place them in the firebox and plug them in, then they are ready to go. As with many other products there is a few different styles to choose from. So today I am going to give you a rundown of our top 3 selling fireplace grate heaters: the Original Grate Fireplace Heater, the Spitfire Fireplace Tube Grate Heater, and the Cast Iron Radiator Heater.

Why Customers Choose the Original Fireplace Grate Heater

The Original Fireplace Grate Heater lets you keep the beauty of your fireplace while converting it into an effective (and efficient) heater. This fireplace heater is as hard working as it is practical. The Grate Heater adds up to 40,000 BTUs of heating to your home every hour. The blower is heat activated, turning on at 110° and turning back on at 90°. Its unique air-flow design provides rapid heat circulation throughout your home.

There is no time limit to how long you run the unit. The unit must always be plugged in and able to run to cool it while you are burning. The blower runs very quietly. The 100 CFM heat-activated blower won’t drown out normal conversation. With the rheostat speed control on low, you can hardly hear it.

Are you asking yourself if the fireplace is going to make the main room too hot? Perhaps, but isn’t that a nice problem to have? And with the Original Grate Heater you will be creating an air flow in the room to circulate it into the adjoining rooms.

You can control the heat in many ways with this grate heater…

  • Use the blower speed control (rheostat) on the Grate Heater to lower the heat output.
  • Use less wood.
  • Open an outside window or door to let in some cool, fresh air.
  • Put on shorts and a tank top and pretend it is August, even though it is really January.

Spitfire Tube Fireplace Grate Heater is a Great Choice Too!

A Spitfire fireplace grate heater is actually going to draw the cool air from the room into the fireplace, it then circulates the air through the aluminum tubes, and then push that warmed air back into the room filling it with warm air giving you a much cozier environment. We carry two sizes the 6 tube grate heater is great for larger fireplaces and there is also a 4 tube version for smaller fireplaces.

These heaters are very simple to use. You will take it out if the box, set it in your fireplace, attach the blower, and it is ready to work. Not only is it going to let you feel that warm air throughout your room it is also going to help you turn that thermostat down, shed that sweater, and cut your energy costs considerably.

The Spitfire Fireplace Grate Heater is a really nice product because it is going to heat the air that it draws into the tubes up to 400 degrees F and then with the blower it is capable of a heat output of 35,000 BTU per hour. This allows the Spitfire Fireplace Grate Heater to circulate air in a large area.

Don’t Forget about the Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator

The Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator is another on that is simple to install; this is actually a common trend with fireplace grate heaters. It only takes about 20-30 minutes and that includes removing it from its packaging. Once you install the unit it is immediately going to start cutting your home heating costs.

The way it works is actually really quite simple. It is going to draw that cool air from your home, circulate it into the plenum where it is going to heat that air, and then it is going to push the warm air back into your room creating that warm space we are all looking for while cutting your homes heating cost.

The Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator also includes a blower, it is a powerful yet quiet blower. The blower is capable of pushing a 180 Cubic Feet per minute of hot air out into your home, making your fireplace that much more of a heat source.

The Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator can be installed with or without glass fireplace doors or hanging mesh screen. It will not affect the appearance of your fireplace.

One thing the Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator requires is that the rear width of your firebox be a minimum of 18 ½ inches and a minimum depth of 16 ½ inches to ensure a proper fit.