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Here at NorthlineExpress we sell three types of Log Splitters: manual, electric, and gas powered. Each type of log splitter is great when used appropriately and realistically. Meaning you don’t want to expect to split a whole seasons worth of wood with a manual splitter without tiring yourself out. There are 3 of the log splitters that we carry that our customers really enjoy and recommend on to their friends.

#1 – The WoodEze 4-ton Electric Log Splitter

Take all the work out of splitting that wood pile with the new WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter. The dependable 15 Amp, 1.75 horsepower electric engine runs on regular household current and features a ground fault breaker that protects against overload. With 4 tons of splitting force, this unit will split logs up to 20″ long and 12″ in diameter. The all steel construction makes this splitter durable and tough allowing for years of dedicated service. Two handed operation keeps your hands safe while operating. The left hand controls the hydraulic control lever, while the right hand controls the pushbutton switch. The log splitter will freeze with the absence of either hand. The WoodEze 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter may be small but don’t let that fool you. It can split large amounts of wood.

#2 – The WoodEze 7-ton Electric Log Splitter

Get the job done quickly and easily with the WoodEze 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter! There is minimal noise and no harsh fumes to deal with, so this log splitter can be used in the yard, in a shed, garage, or even in a basement. This splitter provides a consistent, convenient, and secure cutting motion every time. The incredibly designed two speed motor provides 4-tons of force at a faster speed and 7-tons at a lower speed with the same single phase motor. The splitting force and speed are governed by the two-stage control lever. Push the lever in the first stage for faster speeds using less splitting force for usual logs or push the lever in the second stage for maximum splitting force at a lower speed to split particularly hard and seasoned logs. These stages can be shifted by simply raising and lowering the lever.

#3 – The Dirty Hand Tools 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter

The Dirty Hand Tools 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter helps you get ready for next winter with this powerful yet easy to move 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter. This Professional Grade Dirty Hand Tools log splitter has a EPA/CARB Approved 6.5 HP Kohler SH265 Engine along with the 22-Ton splitting force. It makes easy work of that fallen tree or the truckload of un-split firewood. The 10.9 second cycle time also makes the job go that much quicker. No more waiting on the arm to retract. Take this gas powered log splitter with you to split wood on location. The 2 inch ball coupler with safety chains and the 16″ DOT approved road tires make transporting this log splitter a breeze. This 22-Ton log splitter will split a log up to 25 inches in length and has a log catcher to prevent you from having to bend over again and again to pick up the wood. It also has a patented Full Length beam with an 8 inch wedge and a 8 Inch foot plate for the wood to be pressed against. Do you have a log that is just too heavy for you to lift up onto the cutting area? No worries because this splitter is able to split vertically as well as horizontally. It is very easy to convert, just hold the handle and pull the pin.