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If you own a wood stove, wood burning fireplace, an outdoor wood burner, or even a fire pit, you already know that you need lots of firewood. To keep your firewood dry and ready for burning it is best to have it stacked neatly in a firewood rack and raised off the ground to prevent rotting. Boy, do we have the perfect firewood for you…The WoodEze Expandable Wood Rack!

Choose only the Best Firewood Rack

The WoodEze Wood Rack is proven to be the finest firewood rack on the market when it comes to weathering the elements of an unforgiving winter season. Wind, hail, rain and snow storms are no match for the heavy-duty, super strong, 16 gauge square tubing. The WoodEze Expandable Wood Rack has earned recognition as a favorite among homeowners and wood burners for its electro powder-coated black finish. The finish is essentially scratch and weather resistant and the stainless steel hardware is guaranteed to never rust. Aside from the hefty construction, the WoodEze Expandable Wood Rack offers an easy assembly. It only takes a matter of minutes to have the firewood rack put together and ready to be loaded with wood.

Expand Your Firewood Rack as your needs grow!

Are your firewood needs expanding past the capacity of your current wood rack? That is not a problem with the WoodEze Expandable Wood Rack. Just simply add on an expansion kit to give the wood rack an addition 1/2 cord of storage capacity. Fully assembled WoodEze Expandable Wood Rack measures 4′ long and holds approx. 1/2 of a Face Cord of firewood. You can add one or more 4′ Expansion Kits to your Expandable Wood Rack to suit your needs. If that is still not enough you can keep adding onto the wood rack until you have enough storage space for all of your firewood. The Expansion Kit offers peace of mind knowing you have enough firewood on hand to last throughout the season. The best part is you’ll save money because the cost of an expansion kit will total about half of what you would spend on an entirely new firewood rack.

Superior Features:

  • Customization to Expand from 4′ to 8′, 12′, 16′; Or as long as you need it with the Optional Expansion Kit.
  • Each expansion holds approximately 1/2 of a Face Cord of firewood neatly stacked
  • 16 ga. 1 1/2″ Super Strong Steel Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Hardware – Never Rusts
  • Superior Weather Resistance
  • Easy Assembly in Just Minutes
  • Each expansion is 47″ High x 14″ Deep x 48″ Wide
  • Made in the USA