Are you looking for ways to dress up your fireplace hearth without breaking the bank? There are simple fireplace accessories that can be added to a hearth that will breathe new life into the decor and still be functional pieces. Having a fire burning in a fireplace adds a cozy element to the room all on its own and when you incorporate stylish fireplace accessories it can make all the difference in the flow of a room’s decor.

No matter if you have a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace there are fireplace accessories that you will need to regularly maintain it. Many homeowners have tried to disguise fireplace accessories because some of them are just bulky or can cause the hearth to look cluttered. Let’s take a look at a few fireplace accessories that you can add to the hearth to help create a stylish design and give you the functional tools needed to maintain a beautiful fire.

Storing Wood on the Hearth

For a wood burning fireplace, or wood stove even, there is no way to get around having at least a small amount of wood in the house to keep the fire going. Keeping all of the wood outside is just not particle for everyone. I mean who wants to keep opening the door letting the cold air in to get wood when you are trying to keep the house at a constant warm temperature? There are a few stylish storage solutions to keep at least an arm load or two of firewood near the hearth.

Adding a wood rack to the hearth can kill two birds with one stone. If you don’t already have a tool set you can look for a wood rack that doubles as a tool holder too. There are many styles and tool combinations to choose from. Most of these styles also will have a place to store fire starters or other fireplace accessories so you can keep everything organized in one spot. If you are just simply looking for a wood rack we have those too. Add a rustic feel to your hearth with a Log Wood Rack from Rustic Naturals or you can add a more contemporary feel with a metal framed wood rack.

If the wood rack really isn’t what you are looking for take a look at an oval log tub. Placing an oval log tub on your hearth will give you a place to keep a small amount of wood and some kindling or fire starters. The oval log tubs have a simple yet elegant design. Choose an oval log tub in a bronze or copper for a rustic décor or the black oval log tub is great for a more modern feel. These are a great fireplace accessories even if you already have the wood storage covered because you can put any fireplace accessories in the tub that you want to keep close to the hearth. They are very versatile fireplace accessories.

Log holders with carriers are great fireplace accessories for wood storage. They will store about an arm load of wood and the carrier will keep most of the mess contained. Take the carrier outside to load the firewood into it and then use the handles to carry the firewood indoors to the hearth. The carrier then fits perfectly on the log holder until it is empty and ready to be used again. You can find many different styles for the log holders and carriers.

Keep the Fire Contained

Fireplace screens are not only attractive fireplace accessories that add beauty and style to a hearth but they also serve functional purposes by adding safety and dispersing heat. There are so many different styles and types of fireplace screens to choose from but each and every one serves the same purpose. No matter the size or shape of your fireplace opening there is a fireplace screen that will work perfectly while looking great. A fireplace screen is so simple to install, most of them are ready to be placed in front of the fireplace opening as soon as you remove them from the box. Others you may have to screw the feet onto them but then it is ready to go.

Direct Heat in Style

The addition of a fireback to a fireplace will add a beautiful element while helping to project the heat out of the firebox and into the room. Firebacks are fireplace accessories that every fireplace owner should have. They are great for being used with any type of fuel. You can find firebacks that are plain and very minimal but then there are firebacks that have been designed with intricate scenes on them. There are some that you can even have personalized with your family’s last name on them. You could even give one as a gist with the year the homeowner’s were married.

Add a Flame for the Warmer Months

Keep a flame in the fireplace all year round without getting the unwanted heat during the warmer months. Place a candelabra in the firebox during the summer to keep the firebox full and to have a flickering flame for setting the mood in the room. Candelabras are fireplace accessories that can be used for more than just in the fireplace. You can keep them on the mantel for the months when the fireplace is being used or the candelabra would look great on a coffee table as ornamental décor.

Inviting Fireplace Accessories

Add floor protecting fireplace accessories to the hearth that look great but also will create an inviting place to sit and enjoy the peaceful fire up close. There are many types of hearth rugs on the market that will protect the flooring in front of the hearth. But if you are wanting a cushy place to sit on the floor in front of your fireplace you will want a hearth rug that is plush normally made of wool or polyester fibers. The fiberglass hearth rugs are more of a flat rug covering.