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A log splitter is an important tool for anyone that burns wood to have. For a wood burner that is going to be cutting their own firewood supply a log splitter is a necessity. Having to split wood by hand is no fun and is a lot of work. No matter the amount of wood you need to cut, there is a log splitter that is right for the job.

Video Highlights 1:18 Introducing the Woodeze Electric Log Splitters 1:46 The 4 ton Splitter 2:03 the Benefits of the 4 ton electric wood splitter 2:30 4 ton demonstration 5:17 The 7 ton Splitter 5:32 The benefits of the 7 ton electric wood splitter 6:24 7 ton demonstration

The Mighty Electric 4-ton Log Splitter

Here at NorthlineExpress we have used a WoodEze 4-ton Electric Log Splitter. This year is the second year that the guys here have been splitting our entire supply of firewood with the 4-ton log splitter. Our wood supply is no small feat either. We heat our entire 30,000 square foot warehouse with the firewood that we order. Between 2014 and 2015 we have ordered 80 loggers cords of firewood. That amount is equal to 240 face cords. That is a large amount of firewood for any log splitter to handle. The WoodEze 4-ton Electric Log Splitter has handled it like a boss and is still kickin’.

The WoodEze 4-ton Electric Log Splitter is small but mighty! It has four tons of thrusting power. It is powered by a regular household 110v standard outlet. So you just plug it into an extension cord, and you’re good to go. The great thing about the electric log splitter is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. There is virtually no maintenance required on these unlike a gas-powered log splitter that requires you to winterize it, and change the oil, keep gas put in it. Basically, you just plug it in, and you’re ready to go. It’s a very simple operation. It has a lot of power, and if you want to see that demonstrated please watch the video below.

The Impressive Electric 7-ton Log Splitter

There are also a few of the NorthlineExpress employees who have purchased either the WoodEze Electric 4-ton or 7-ton Log Splitter. Melissa owns the WoodEze Electric 7-ton Log Splitter. She has used it for the past 2 years to cut her firewood supply. Each year she has split a minimum of 10 Full Cords. This is the splitter that Melissa uses the most. It has yet to meet a log that it could not split. It even split oak sections that were about 24’’ in diameter with no trouble at all. Melissa has nothing but good things to say about the WoodEze Electric 7-ton Log Splitter.

The WoodEze Electric 7-ton Log Splitter features a two-handed operation to keep both hands out of harm’s way. The left hand controls the hydraulic control lever, while the right hand controls the pushbutton switch. The WoodEze Electric 7-ton Log Splitter will freeze with the absence of either hand. Only after both hands release the controls the log pusher will start to return to the starting position. This 7-ton Log Splitter provides a consistent, convenient, and secure cutting motion every time. The incredibly designed two speed motor provides 4 tons of force at a faster speed and 7 tons at a lower speed with the same single phase motor. The splitting force and speed of the WoodEze Electric 7-ton Log Splitter are governed by the two-stage control lever. Push the lever in the first stage for faster speeds using less splitting force for usual logs or push the lever in the second stage for maximum splitting force at a lower speed to split particularly hard and seasoned logs. These stages can be shifted by simply raising and lowering a lever. Take a look at the video below to see Melissa using her WoodEze Electric 7-ton Log Splitter!

Video Highlights: 0:17 Splitting you firewood 0:20 WoodEze Electric log splitters 0:36 Electric 4-Ton Log Splitter 0:52 Size of logs to split 1:00 Electric 7-ton log splitter 1:04 Size of logs capable of splitting 1:53 Able to use Indoor or outdoors 2:26 Lightweight 2:42 Gas powered log splitters – Dirty Hand Tools 2:59 Very Powerful 3:07 Tow behind your vehicle 3:24 Vertical or Horizontal splitting 3:39 Catch plate for log to rest on 3:59 Manual Hand splitters 4:18 How they work