Summer is sneaking up on us quick; it will be here in no time! Now is the perfect opportunity to take a glance at your outdoor space to see if improvements need to be made or furnishings need to be replaced. Take the time to make sure that your outdoor patio or living space is good to go once the weather is nice enough to enjoy it.

Here are 7 must haves to create the perfect outdoor space:

1. Take Control of the Sun with a Shade Sail


During the summer months, it is often still sunny when sitting down outdoors for dinner. It is sometimes hard to fully relax in your outdoor living space with the hot sun beating down on you or the bright light blinding everyone. Shade Sails are a versatile shade option whether you have a small deck or patio or a large outdoor space that you would like to provide shade for. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also use several Shade Sails overlapping them to shade specific areas and also create a unique look to your outdoor area. They are made from a breathable fabric that is specially treated so it will not break down from the sun and the rain will go through the fabric preventing the rain from pooling and sagging of the Shade Sail.

2. Whip Up Some Grub with an Outdoor Grill From Swiss Grills


What is a backyard without the smell of barbecue on the grill? No outdoor gathering is complete without food; it is one of America’s great summer traditions. Swiss Grills offers products that cater to the average backyard cook or the experienced grill master. You can choose from stand-alone models or more extensive built-in units. Swiss Grills offer low maintenance, high results and precise cooking features that rise above the rest. Swiss grills are made with all stainless steel components and strong burners that guarantee quality, performance and a product that will stand the test of time. These grills will take outdoor cooking and entertaining to a whole new level.

3. Add an Outdoor Pizza oven and Turn your patio into a Pizzeria


Take your outdoor entertaining to the next level! Whether you have a big backyard or a small patio there is an [outdoor pizza oven]("outdoor pizza oven") perfect for you. An outdoor pizza oven makes for a great evening of food and fun right in your backyard. They are available as built-in or cart mounted, and gas burning or wood-burning. [Pacific Living Inc]("Pacific Living Inc"). produces a great line of stainless steel gas pizza ovens. The Pacific Living Stainless Steel Pizza Ovens will not only enhance your home pizza making experience, but will also let you make tasty breads, desserts and anything you can think of to put in any other oven, all while adding a great deal of fun.

4. Furnish for Ease and Comfort with Maintenance Free Breezesta


Furnish your new outdoor oasis for ease and comfort with furniture that is weather proof. There are a lot of options in outdoor furniture sets such as wrought or cast iron, aluminum, traditional wood, or the new synthetic, weatherproof patio furniture on the market today but there is one brand that is rising above the rest with consumers…Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture! Breezesta is durable and virtually maintenance free because it is made from 100% recycled poly lumber. Even in harsh outdoor conditions, such as sea-side homes where our furniture is exposed to wind, salt and sand, Breezesta needs little care and maintains its attractiveness.

5. Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Long Into the Cooler Months by Adding a Patio Heater


Parties tend to come to an end when the sun goes down and temps begin to drop. Adding a patio heater will result in you and your guests remaining nice and cozy no matter how chilly the weather gets. Patio heaters are designed to look and function similar to a large lamp, except giving of heat rather than light. The amount of heat that a patio heater is capable of producing is very impressive. So there is no need to worry if family or friends stay longer than planned and forgot to bring along coats, jackets or sweaters. Everyone will be toasty with a patio heater placed in your outdoor space.

6. Fire Pits Add an Element of Warmth and Ambiance to Your Space


Bring people together around a beautiful fire pit that is the focal centerpiece of your outdoor space. Guests will be attracted to the dancing flames and the warm fire as the sun goes down. Fire pits have become a symbolic staple to backyard living that goes hand in hand with outdoor entertaining and the tradition of gathering around an open flame. There are many sizes and styles to choose from designs range from rugged and rustic to some that are rather ornate. You are bound to find a fire pit that will compliment your outdoor space and be a functional piece as well.

7. Keep Pesky Mosquitoes from Bugging Your Guests with a Mosquito Trap


There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy the outdoors while being attacked by blood sucking mosquitoes! Chase those pesky insects away from your outdoor space with the placement of a mosquito trap. There are many different types and brands of mosquito traps on the market today but they all work with the same concept of interrupting the mosquito breeding cycle. The traps attract and kill the female mosquitoes that are in search of a blood meal. The mosquito trap not only kills the female mosquito but also prevents the next generation of mosquitoes from happening. If put it in place early in the season it is possible to control the mosquito population in your area before it ever gets out of control.
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