As it warms up and the world comes back to life the wildlife does too, especially raccoon and squirrels, and they could be making homes in your chimney or attic. Each year homeowners are faced with damages to their homes by raccoon, and squirrels and other pests, damages that could have been avoided. I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and in this video I will talk about the serious reason that pest exclusion is important for your home.

Some people don’t think about the damage that pests and squirrels can cause until it’s too late. One call to your homeowners insurance after the damage is done can leave you scrambling when you realize that many homeowners’ insurance carriers exclude vermin and the potential damages they cause. When you consider that these vermin can damage your roof, drywall, attic, insulation, and also can create health concerns its worth being a bit proactive to seal up your home to prevent these pests and having to spend a lot more to repair the damages or have the critters removed.

At NorthlineExpress we encourage our customers to be proactive with protecting their investments into their homes. That’s why right now through April 14th we are offering 10% off HY-C animal guards. HY-C Animal Guard Screens offer a reliable solution to pest exclusion. With tamper-proof bolt-on attachment method, animal pests are unable to remove the screen to gain access to chimney liners and roof vents.
So this spring take a moment to look around your home and seal off any potential pest entries. You’ll be glad you did because animal guard screens range from $20 – $100 dollars where animal removal can be upwards of $200, easily. That’s not counting the damage you may have to repair out of pocket.

So head on over to and save money while saving your home from potential pests and the damage they cause. It is another great promotion from NorthlineExpress, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.