While fire glass adds a beautiful elegance to any gas fireplace, it can also be used outdoors. Take a step back and look around your home at the great opportunities for fire glass to spruce things up. Or, just keep reading on the 8 Ways to Use Fire glass For Outdoor Use.

The use of fire glass accents in your decor will give new life and a modern feel to your entertaining areas. But, what is fire glass? Fire glass is tempered glass manufactured in various shapes and sizes. It will not burn when in direct contact with an open flame and it is used as a medium to retain or direct heat, usually in gas fireplaces and fire pits. Fire glass is usually tumbled to remove any sharp edges, so it is safe to handle. You can also find fire glass options in the form of rounded beads that will give off a completely different feel than that of the chunked piece style.

Here are some ways at how fire glass can turn the drab feel of a space into a beautiful eye pleasing experience.

Dress Up an Indoor or Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

1/4 Azuria Fireglass-10lbs

Use fire glass or lava rocks to fill a gas fireplace or gas fire pit. Fire glass will give your fire pit a more modern appeal while adding a great sparkle to it as well. Lava Rocks are used when a natural appearance is wanted, or they can be included as a filler under the fire glass. Fire glass will replace the use of logs and cinders in your gas fire pit.

Substitute Rocks in an Aquarium

Give your fish a habit with some pizzazz by replacing the boring aquarium gravel with a layer of vibrant fire glass. It will add more color and dimension to the aquarium. Regardless if you have a large or small aquarium, they all will look wonderful with the touches of fire glass. The glass will retain its color without the worry of fading. You can also use the rounded fire beads mixed in or alone to enhance the appearance if you prefer.

Permanent Garden or Landscaping Mulch

Tired of having to replace mulch each year because it has become dingy or is starting to break down? Switch to fire glass for mulch. It will not wear out or loose color over time like other mulch products. Landscaping with fire glass is safe for kids and pets with no concerns of them getting cut because of them being tumbled. Create stunning landscape designs that your neighbors will be envious of with fire glass.  You can also construct crisp lines around driveways, walkways, garden paths, ponds, and so much more.

Permanent Garden or Landscaping Mulch

Add Sparkle to Potted Plants and Flowers

Dress up potted plants with pops of color. No matter how beautiful your foliage display is, a pop of color will set it off. Adding fire glass to your planters will also keep weeds from popping through to crowd your plants. Adding the glass to the top will help deflect the sun from the soil preventing it from drying out quickly. You also won't have to worry about slugs getting into your planter again either as they do not like going over glass.

Never Before Seen Counter or Table Tops

Concrete tables and counter tops have increasingly become in demand. Consumers just love the versatility of style, size, and customization. You can further customize a table or counter top with the addition of fire glass to the mix. It will introduce a magnificent mix of colors and depth to the room, mesmerizing guests with the transfer of light and color. Each counter top will be creatively unique…no two will be alike.

Never Before Seen Counter or Table Tops

Create Colorful Stepping Stones and Pavers

Use fire glass to create custom stepping stones for your walkway or garden. Simply mix glass pieces with quick-set concrete to make beautiful accents for your yard. You can adjust the amount of glass in the concrete based on your personal taste. Add some sparkle to a personalized stepping stone with your child or grandchild’s hand prints on them. The design options are endless.

Craft Projects with Fire Glass

Not only is fire glass great for landscaping, aquariums, and gardening, but crafters have also found many uses for inside and outside of the home. Create spectacular planter stakes that reflect the light and adds some shimmer to the garden or planter. Use the fire glass to create colorful magnets or stained-glass sun catchers. Once you become inspired, the ideas will start flowing nonstop.

Create Colorful Stepping Stones and Pavers

Reusable Event Centerpieces

Looking for an elegant table centerpiece that can be re-purposed? Fill a vase or candle holder with fire glass, add coordinating flowers or such, and voila. You now have a gorgeous centerpiece. When the event is over you can reuse the fire glass for any of the above mention purposes or just clean it, dry it, and store it to be used as vase filler again in the future.

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