Is your outdoor space in need of some sprucing up? Has your patio furniture seen better days? Are you preparing for a large outdoor gathering? Or maybe it is just time to update your outdoor living space.

Having great patio furniture creates a warm and inviting outdoor space that you can just sit back and relax in or entertain guests in if you choose to. Do not limit your outdoor living options to just the patio, create a small garden retreat, a comfy reading nook on a balcony, or a roomy set up around the fire pit.

With the large selection of patio furniture on the market today, the thought of revamping your outdoor space with a new furniture set can be a bit overwhelming. Consider the following tips for choosing the right patio furniture for your outdoor space. Thoughtful planning will ensure that you have an outdoor space that you are completely satisfied with and want to share with family and friends.


1. Write a List of Must Haves

Start by thinking of what you will be using the outdoor space for that you want to add the furniture to. Is this area going to serve as a spot to entertain guests or do you want it to be your own private retreat? If your goal is to have a dining area then you know you will want a roomy dining table and chairs. Compile a list of intended activities for this space and features that are important in a patio set.

2. Easy to Care for

How much time would you like to spend maintaining your patio furniture? Do you want a set that you can leave out no matter the weather or one that you have to put away during harsh weather conditions? All Weather Maintenance Free furniture eliminates the tedious task of covering or moving your furniture to a storage area.

3. Consider Storage Space

Most patio furniture is going to last a lot longer if it is protected from the elements and stored in a garage or shed when not in use. If storage space is limited consider patio furniture that folds, or is easily taken apart. There is also the option of patio furniture that is stackable to save on storage space.

4. Accentuate with Color

Color options are endless with patio furniture, choose a color that will accentuate your home or choose a set of colors that represents your favorite school or sports team. Add splashes of color to a traditional patio set with cushions and accent pieces.

5. Quality of Materials

The difference in a patio set that will last and one that will have to be replaced after just a couple seasons is the material in which the patio furniture is made of.

  • Aluminum is rustproof, lightweight, relatively inexpensive and require very little weather treating. You can also wash them easily with a little soap and water.
  • Steel and wrought iron are heavy duty and sturdy but will rust if not weatherproofed or painted periodically.
  • Wicker looks great and last outdoors, especially when they are treated with a resin finish. They may require additional weatherproofing every so often, though.
  • Natural Wood makes attractive and sturdy furniture that can be as comfy as the furniture that you use indoors. Some woods will require regular treatment with a sealant. Consider weather-resistant woods like teak, redwood, cypress and cedar.
  • Poly Lumber is durable and maintenance free. Even in harsh outdoor conditions poly lumber needs little care and maintains its attractiveness.

6. Versatile Patio Furniture

Have you ever had the issue of unexpected guests showing up when throwing a small get-together and now you are scrambling for ample seating? Or just run out of room for food or drinks to be laid out? No need to worry about seating when you have an ottoman or an outdoor coffee table that doubles as a bench. Drop-leaf Tables are also a great option for limited serving space.

7. No natural shade, Create your own

If your outdoor space does not have a shading spot it may be difficult to enjoy during the hottest parts of the day. A simple and quick fix is to add a patio umbrella or you can add a shade sail to cover a larger area and add color to the space as well.

8. Fire Feature

A fire pit table is a great way to liven up a dinner party or outdoor gathering. Folks are drawn to sit close to a fire, enjoying the warmth they provide as well as the cozy atmosphere it creates. Even just adding a small table top fireplace will brighten the area with a beautiful dancing flame.

9. Finish off with Accessories

Complete the overall look with accessories that make the space even more functional. Umbrella stands will allow more portability for shade, a trash bin will eliminate traffic in and out to take care of trash, or add an ottoman to increase comfort and relaxation.

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