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Summertime is full of opportunities for cooking outdoors on the grill. Take as many of those opportunities to experiment with new recipes or original ideas of your own. Remember the grill is not only for making entrees and veggies. Adding some fruit to the grill and then using it to top your favorite sweets will add a great grilled flavor to your desert.

You can throw just about anything on the grill to add that desirable smoky flavor. Take a look at a few of the options that we have come across and don’t forget to watch the video for our Ice Cream Desert Delight!

Fruits for Grilled Deserts:

Here are a few of the tastiest fruits that will hold up on the grill. However, do not limited yourself to just the ones listed here, do your own experimenting.

Pineapple – With pineapples you can either grill them sliced or you can slice a whole pineapple in half and throw it on the grill. They are great to eat just like that or you can use them to top your favorite desert.

Peaches – You will want to at least cut the peach in half so the smoky flavor gets into the meat of the fruit. Peaches are great for stringing on fruit kabobs or slicing up for toppings.

Bananas – To grill bananas leave them in the peel. Once the peel has charred marks and starts to turn black it is done. Add grilled bananas to an ice cream desert.

Watermelon – Slice the watermelon into quartered slices off the rind. Grill them directly on the grate just long enough for them to have beautiful char marks. Grilled watermelon is a great desert just as is or on fruit kabobs.

Strawberries – Leave the strawberry whole or cut it in half when grilling. They are best cooked on a kabob. But you can also use grilled strawberries in a fresh salad.

Nectarines – Grilling a nectarine is just the same as grilling a peach but the nectarine is a bit firmer. They are great in any deserts or on fruit kabobs or even as a garnish for drinks.

Desert Ideas for the Grill:

Ice Cream Toppings – Add a combination of grilled fruits as a topping to your favorite ice cream instead of the sweet artificial flavored fruit syrups. Viola! A decadent desert that will taste amazing!

Kabobs – String a selection of fruits on a skewer to throw on the grill. Plate them as is and drizzle some icing over them for a sweet healthy desert.

Ala mode – Stack up some grilled pineapple or pile up any fruit you would like and top it with a good heap of vanilla ice cream topped with a caramel rum sauce. Oooohhh, so yummy!!

Glazed – Make a grilled fruit salad and use a brown sugar glaze to sweeten it just a bit. It is delicious!

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to experimenting with fruits and deserts on the grill. Let your imagination and taste buds run wild. Good Luck with all of you experiments and feel free to share any suggestions or recipes that you have tried with us!