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Trying to rid your property of pesky mosquitoes can be a tedious task. It is like being trapped in a cycle of constantly trying new products just to have the same results, mosquitoes to continually return to the property. There are however steps that you can take to rid your property of the threat that mosquitoes bring to you and your family. It is time to take charge of your outdoor spaces and quit allowing the mosquitoes to chase you back indoors.

Step 1: Stop the Breeding

First step in ridding your property of mosquitoes is to take away any of the spots that they could possibly lay their eggs in. Get rid of all objects that can hold water. Old tires, bird baths, water fountains, or any objects that can hold 2 tablespoons or more of water and will remain stagnant for days at a time are all potential incubators for mosquito larvae. It only takes mosquito larvae 4-7 days to mature into blood sucking adults. It is so much easier to eliminate larger numbers of mosquito larvae than it is to try once they have become adults. Take a walk around your property and eliminate or treat all standing water sources. All water sources that are not removable like ponds, water fountains, low areas in your yard, and other water features should be treated to kill off any larvae that have been laid.

Step 2: Draw them away

Draw mosquitoes away from your home with the placement of a mosquito trap. Mosquito Traps are designed to lure adult biting mosquitoes away from outdoor spaces that you plan to occupy. The mosquitoes get lured and sucked into the trap where they are going to dehydrate and die. The most effective traps use a combination of CO2 and various attractants to trick the mosquitoes into thinking that the machine is a living host. Mosquito Traps start working right away and within 4 weeks you should see a considerable difference in the number of mosquitoes in the area. Each trap has its own unique approach at attracting, trapping, and killing mosquitoes. So do your homework and pick the best mosquito trap for you and your property.

Step 3: Kill on Contact

Now it is time to kill the active mosquitoes that are left in your outdoor space. Mosquito misting systems offer long-lasting protection against mosquitoes using a variety of concentrates as mists that repel and kill mosquitoes on contact. The AllClear Mosquito Misting System has become a popular system among homeowners and also commercial resort owners because of its subtle, sleek, and low maintenance design and it is easily portable with a telescoping handle and easy rolling wheels. This system will cover an outdoor area up to 2,000 square feet, reducing the mosquito population by up to 90%. In conjunction with the other steps your property will be virtually mosquito free now.

Step 4: Protect Yourself

The final step is to protect yourself and your family from the biting insects. There are so many things that naturally attract mosquitoes to humans as a blood host. Dark clothing, sweat, and the smell of our breath are just a few elements that attract mosquitoes to us. You can eliminate elements that may attract mosquitoes but you are never going to eliminate them all. The use of a personal repellent is important. There are so many different types of personal repellents to choose from. You can choose to use a spray repellent, clip on device, lanterns, or a personal appliance. Some of the options even use all natural mosquito repellents that are just as safe on the environment as they are for you to use.

By implementing all of these steps you can enjoy your outdoor space with family and friends without being pestered by the annoying buzz of mosquitoes flying around. It is time to fight back and solve the mosquito problem in your backyard!