Are you looking for patio furniture that rises above the rest? Looking for a brand that will last for years and years to come without fading or breaking? Are you tired of metal furniture rusting, wood splintering, paint chipping, webbing tearing, and aluminum bending? If so then stop the cycle of hauling old patio sets off to the landfill with Breezesta Outdoor Furniture, a more durable and environmentally friendly solution.

You will never need to purchase another set of outdoor furniture, unless of course you need to expand the set you already have. With Breezesta Outdoor Furniture it is so easy to add a new piece and not be able to tell much of a difference from new to old.

100% Recycled Materials

Every year, Breezesta removes hundreds of thousands of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) milk jugs and water bottles from America’s landfills. The average family throws out an average of 2 pounds of recyclable plastic each day. Multiply this by 114 million households in the United States and you will begin to realize how much recyclable plastic could be headed to landfills. Each day Breezesta rescues over 100,000 pounds of recyclable plastic before it can be buried in landfills. Using light density, the plastics are sorted by type and converted in sturdy poly lumber. The plastics that are not used for the furniture are sent to other recycle plants to be used for other manufacturing operations.

And, Breezesta Outdoor Furniture is a “full circle” product; meaning at the close of its useful life Breezesta poly lumber can be recycled again and again.

Maintenance Free

This poly outdoor furniture can be left outdoors all year long and still look just as great as when it was brand new! With Breezesta you can set the furniture out and forget about it. Simply wipe it down with a damp rag to remove the dust and dirt. The materials are all UV fade resistant so the sunshine and weather will not cause the furniture to lose any of its vibrant color. Even in harsh outdoor conditions, such as sea-side homes where our furniture is exposed to wind, salt and sand, Breezesta Outdoor Furniture needs little care and maintains its attractiveness.

Colorful Choices

Breezesta Outdoor Furniture sets the standard with 20 vibrant colors to choose from! From papaya and gray to cedar and redwood, only Breezesta offers a wide range of colors that allow you to match your furniture to your personal style. Breezesta’s colors will maintain their integrity year after year because it is UV fade resistant and the color is solid throughout each piece. Touch ups are never needed. Even the hardware is color matched. Never see that ugly silver bolt sticking out like a sore thumb on your patio furniture again.

Only with Breezesta Outdoor Furniture are you able to mix and match among the 20 colors. Create your own color combos or select colors to represent a favorite sports team. There is no minimum order for custom colors combinations. Order one piece or a whole set.

Many Styles of Breezesta Outdoor Furniture

Breezesta offers multiple lines of outdoor furniture. Each just as equally constructed as the next but just different designs to accommodate all decors. Looking for something simple, choose from Breezesta Basic pieces or additional conversation and accent pieces. There are also 9 full collections of Breezesta Outdoor Furniture with chairs, swings, benches, and more to choose from.

The Adirondack Collection features 7 relaxed styles including the Shoreline Chair or Rocker, Fanback Chair or Rocker, Right or Left Windsail Chair, Royale Chair or Folding Chair. Add a footrest for an ultimate relaxing experience!

The Ridgeline Collection offers many seating options ranging from gliding benches, swinging benches and garden chairs. The Ridgeline Collection features a scalloped lower rail, curved top rail and straight arms for added comfort.

The Horizon Collection features a scalloped lower rail with a straight top rail and arms. There are many furniture options including coffee and side tables, various benches and garden chairs in great vibrant colors.

The Skyline Collection features a double curve (lower & top rail) and curved, rounded arms. There are many pieces to choose from including rockers, benches, swings and chairs.

The Piedmont Collection is made for comfort, style and durability. This collection is perfect to be paired with the Deep Seating Cushion Collection.

The Avanti Collection offers a modern style with clean lines and a comfortable seat. Available in dining height, counter height, and bar height to be a great pair with any of the tables.

The Dining Height Collection meets any outdoor entertaining need. Create a wonderful dining area in your outdoor space that is the perfect height with this great collection.

The Counter Height Collection creates a more intimate dining or gathering experience. This line of tables range from small intimate round and square to tables that will accommodate large groups.

The Bar Height Collection the highest reaching line of tables and chairs with a table height of 41”. The Bar height tables are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes with seating for 3 or more.

Comfortable and Sturdy Construction

Each piece of Breezesta Outdoor Furniture has been designed with comfort in mind. The seats are curved and set at a comfortable height whether you are tall or short. Arm height is not too high or too low. Overall Breezesta Outdoor Furniture  just feels stronger and sturdier.

Breezesta Outdoor Furniture  uses the sturdy mortise and tenon construction. The mortise and tenon is one of the most common joints used by woodworkers and is the traditional corner joint for sturdy frames. This furniture will not get wobbly or easily pull apart. The majority of each joint is hidden in the timber so each piece has an attractive appeal.

Lifetime Warranty

Breezesta is a product your customers can count on. Every piece of Breezesta Outdoor Furniture carries a Lifetime Residential and 20 Year Commercial Warranty against cracking, splintering, chipping, peeling, rotting, and insect infestation. If any of these defects occur Breezesta will replace the product or refund the original purchase price.