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Most people tend to forget about pesky mosquitoes during the off season, but quickly remember how much of a nuisance they are as they are being bitten or chased back indoors by swarms of mosquitoes. Mosquito season tends to be associated with the hotter months of the year but actually starts much sooner that people realize. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to remind you that the mosquitoes are coming and they are looking for blood! Because it is inevitable that mosquito season will come and we like to encourage our customers to be proactive about mosquito control we are offering all DynaTrap Mosquito Traps 15% off so you can get a head start on mosquito control this year, we know they are coming why not do something about it?

From March 29th – April 8th with the DynaTrap Promotion you will receive 15% instant saving when you purchase a DynaTrap Mosquito Trap. These instant savings on Dynatraps can only be found at NorthlineExpress.com, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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