Firestarters are definitely the way to go when trying to get a wood fire going. They are designed to burn long enough to let the kindling and wood catch fire enough to keep the fire burning. But what happens when you run out? You have to resort back to improper methods of burning paper and card board until you are able to get to the store to purchase more or wait for more to be delivered to your home. This is not the case with the Cast Iron Firestarter!

Why to use the Cast Iron Firestarter

This cast iron firestarter is constructed of a cast iron reservoir with soapstone bricks inside of the tray. It measures 10 1/2″ Long by 4″ Wide by 1 1/2″ High.

The Cast Iron Firestarter is going to produce a flame for longer periods than most other types of firestarters. Also you do not have to worry about running out of firestarters. You just need to make sure that you have plenty of fuel on hand.

Stubborn fires and wet woods are no match for the Cast Iron Firestarter. It will produce a steady flame hot enough to get the toughest of woods to burn.

It is very simple to use! You simply fill the reservoir with lighter fluid until the soapstone bricks are covered. Slide it under your fireplace grate and light it. Be very cautious when lighting it as the fuel does let off some fumes so it is recommended that you use a stick lighter or long stick matches when lighting it.

Customer Reviews

Our customers absolutely love the Cast Iron Firestarter. We have received rave reviews over the years and many customers have returned to purchase more as gifts for their families and friends. Check out a few of our customer reviews below!

This thing works!

Recently learned there was such a thing as a kerosene fire starter. Looked up online and found this place.

Fed-ex just dropped it off so I had to open and use it to see if it works after reading questionable 5 star past reviews. Please understand that it’s really not cold enough for a fire here (live in Lake Havasu AZ ; ) BUT I must confess that this thing is AWESOME!

Judge 4 urself

Highly Recommend

Great Product at half the price of other places. Fast shipping.

Awesome Product

I have 2 of these, one of them for over 25 years they make starting fires a breeze! No need for newspaper, just fill the tray with lamp oil (or whatever lighting fluid you prefer) and light. They burn nice and slow.

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