Do you have a wood burning fireplace that is non functional and you are really not interested in going through the hassle and expense of installing a gas fireplace? Well, I have a couple solutions for you that will still allow your non functional fireplace to give the room a comforting glow.

Fill your Non Functional Fireplace

Placing any choice of candelabra in a non-functioning fireplace will give a beautiful touch to the appearance of the fireplace while also giving of a subtle glow. The size and design of the candelabrum will determine how much light will be produced because of the number of candles that the candelabrum accommodates.

Candelabra have been used to adorn fireplaces for many of decades. Over the last couple of years they have begun to grow in popularity again among fireplace owners. Not only are they a great option for non functional fireplaces but they are also beautiful embellishments for atop the mantel.

There is a candelabrum design for every décor. The designs have come a long way over the years. No matter if your home resembles a log cabin or a modern sleek design there is a candelabrum to accentuate your fireplace and give a room the comfy cozy feel that a fire offers.

Make it Look like a Real Fire

There is a way that you can give your non functional fireplace the feel and look of a traditional fireplace without putting out a ton of money in repairs. Simply place a set of faux logs inside your existing firebox and use 1-3 cans of a solid gel fuel to give them the look of a real fire burning. The cans will even crackle like a real wood fire does; you don’t get that with a gas fire.

This is a very safe option as well for your non functional fireplace. Gel fuels will emit heat, water vapors, and a minute amount of carbon dioxide, so they are considered a clean fuel.

The faux log insert and fireplace can accumulate dust so it is recommended that before each season, you need to remove the log insert and clean inside of the fireplace, wipe down the log insert, and replace.