0:04 Top rated & recommended Chimfex fire suppressant
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0:14 How fast can Chimfex put out a fire?
0:18 How does Chimfex work?
0:33 Can a chimney fire happen to you?
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Hello I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to talk to you about the danger of chimney fires and our top rated and recommended Chimfex fire suppressant. Chimfex is safe, fast and easy enough to use that homeowners or professional firefighters can use them. Studies show that the Chimfex will suppress a fire in an average of 22 seconds. They work similar to a flare, just light it and toss it in to the fire. It will use the oxygen, extinguishing the fire.

Chimney fires are a very real scenario but tend to be something that no one thinks will ever happen to them. The reality is that if you burn in a fireplace or wood stove a chimney fire is a possibility. Having chimfex fire suppressant on hand won’t prevent a chimney fire but if you find yourself in a chimney fire situation it can mean the difference between a little bit of damage instead of losing your entire home. I am a wood burner myself and this is a product that I always keep on hand and it has a 36 month shelf life so if you don’t end up using it this burning season it’s still good for the next.

Another reason that I am so sure to keep chimfex on hand is because in the last year locally we have seen multiple chimney fires that ended up causing total loss of the structure. The first was a business just down the road from us. The fire started in the chimney and quickly spread to the roof causing the building to be a total loss. On Christmas a family lost their home to a chimney fire as well. The third example hit really close to home for me, it was my family’s land mark home. Again the fire started in the chimney and spread to the roof and the 1920’s historical home is now a total loss.
If chimfex would have been used the fire could have been suppressed right away and these homes could have been saved. The fire department still would have to be called, but in about 22 seconds the chimfex could have had the fire out so that the fire just didn’t continue to burn and destroy until the fire department shows up.

Here at NorthlineExpress we strongly promote safety when it comes to heating with wood stoves and fireplaces. So all month long we are offering Chimfex for a special price of $19.50 so that there is no excuse for every wood burner to have one on hand! It really could save your home from destruction should you ever experience a chimney fire. You know the saying “better safe than sorry”, I would say that becomes extra true when you consider the extreme loss and tragedy associated with chimney fires.

From February 1st – February 28th chimfex will be offered to you at the discounted price of $19.50. That’s over $20 in savings so there is no better time to make sure that you have a first line of defense against chimney fires in your home. It is recommended to keep 2-3 on hand since many times chimney fires can re-ignite. Chimfex can be used in wood stoves, fireplaces, or fireplace inserts and is another great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.

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