Installing and utilizing a wood stove or fireplace is a great heat source and economical too. But how do you circulate the warm air to the whole house? If you have a single level home with an open floor plan circulating the warm air is much easier.

For other homes that are multi levels or lack an open floor plan it becomes difficult to push the air to other rooms without duct work being tied in and that is not always possible. So what are some other solutions that will not break the bank like installing all new duct work would?

A few different fans that will help to circulate the warm air to other parts of your home.

1. Room to Room Doorway Fan – This fan mounts in the upper corners of a doorway to circulate air to an adjoining room. This fan includes brackets for mounting and is very economical to run. Once mounted in a doorway it simply plugs into a standard outlet with its 11 foot cord and is ready to go. This doorway fan has a Life-long Lubricated Single Speed Motor that produces up to 55 CFMs and is rated for continuous use.

2. Super Quiet Fan – This fan is very similar to the Room to Room Doorway fan but it has a decibel rating of 39 and it has metal blades. The Super-Quiet Fan has such low motor noise, it’s hardly noticeable! Again this fan is ideal for mounting in a doorway to circulate air to an adjoining room. The included bracket allows air-flow to be directed for ideal heating efficiency and even distribution. The Super Quiet Fan measures 4 11/16″ x 4 11/16″ with a 50 CFM output.

3. ComfortGeni Fans – These fans are easily installed by any DIY home owner into your wall or installed in existing registers helping to balance the temperatures from room to room or level to level. They have neutral and attractive finish that blends well into any decor and fits flush to the wall, floor or ceiling. This register booster fan improves the comfort of the room for both heating and cooling, for just pennies a day. Both the ComfortGeni 6XR & 4X fans features built-in programmable temperature sensors with automatic ON/OFF allowing operation only when temperatures reach a certain degree.

4. EcoFans – One of the greatest and most unique aspects of the EcoFan wood stove fans is that they are powered by only the heat output of a wood stove and do not require any electricity. These fans have a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan’s motor. Operating an EcoFan is virtually silent! You will be amazed at what a difference the EcoFan will make when using it to circulate the heat from your wood stove.